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Sunday, 15 October 2017


Do you remember that exam I was stressing out about a while ago? I found out I got a distinction.  I didn't sleep properly for weeks before the exam results came out because I was so worried about it and I just got myself into such a state. It's actually ridiculous how much pressure a person can put on themselves. I also had a 2 hour contortion workshop today so I really needed to loosen my muscles up after (attempting!!!) to pull myself into unusual shapes.

I am definitely not overstating this when I say I really needed to chill the F*** out. My weapons of choice were a ridiculous amount of lush products and a ton of wine. I know its properly overkill to put flowers in the bath but they were about to be binned and I couldn't afford to go to a spa so yanoo I thought I may as well use them to try make something nice.

I also used this amazing glittery bath melt that smells a little like the fruit salad sweets from when I was a kid.

This hair conditioning bar that smells like heaven. It said on the website you only needed to use a few swipes - I'm not sure what glossy-haired people just need a little because I have to use loads to get my hair to behave itself. Having said that my hair is quite unruly so it could just be me that's it's not amazing for. This is a good product for travelling/festivals but when at home I'd say stick to the other stuff.

I also got this bath bomb which smelt like parma violets and was so nice...

I also bought my favourite lush product ever. No drought is hands-down my favourite hair product. It's not as easy to use as batiste spray, or as good for adding volume but it lasts for so so long that it's really cheap. It's under a tenner and a bottle this size usually lasts me about a year - I used to buy a can of batiste every week so it's great.

I also got these toothy tabs which are alright but to be honest they have a mild aftertaste of fine in desperate times but if I'm honest I might not get these again haha.



Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sea-kayaking in the bay of kotor

We spent the morning sea-kayaking in the bay of Kotor.

We drove down first thing and checked out the view while we waited for our guide to get everything ready.

By the time we were ready to go the sun had come out in full force. It was so ridiculously hot by this point that I actually had to drench my buoyancy aid in the water before I put it on because it was so warm I couldn't handle it. I sat in the front to direct...which was hilarious because my sense of direction is honestly just...tragic at best. Luckily as we were on a tour we didn't get lost!

We kayaked round what felt like the whole bay, but in reality was probably the tiniest bit. We glided past large stretches of beaches, old churches and restaurants filled with people taking a break from the sun. The water was completely clear so everytime I looked down I could see fish swimming about which was just amazing. 

Eventually I felt like my arms had turned into noodles so we stopped for a break on a pebble beach and relaxed.

After our arms felt recovered we got back into the kayaks only to find then instantly hurting again. We did kayak back...just really really slowly haha because I was the most useless member of a team ever and kept stopping for breaks every 2 minutes...

After all of that it was time to relax!

Until next time,


p.s. For those interested by bikini is french connection (the flowery one) and the other one is from target x

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Chocolate bombe surprise

So if you follow me on instagram you would have seen my really cringe-y experience where I ordered a chocolate bomb pudding and I wasn't allowed to pour the sauce myself 'for health & safety reasons'. It was so embarassing and it wasn't really the 'wow' I was expecting. I decided to make my own and it turned out so much better. Take a look!

Compared to...

Unrelated but can anyone help me with how to get this instagram videos in-line...I can never seen to manage it..

Back to the dessert! A dark chocolate shell covering a chocolate cookie, raspberry sorbet, strawberries and pistachios and covered with a hot white chocolate cream sauce. It's so good and definitely very indulgent. Perfect for my sweet tooth.

If you want to make it it's actually really easy but it takes time. You only need balloons for the dome; I have used a plastic shell to make chocolate globes before and it's so difficult because if you don't have the temperature exactly right the chocolate gets stuck in the shell so seriously don't bother with them, just use the balloons. I found them much easier.

Inflate them to about this size. My balloons had a bit of a nipple to them so if yours are the same tilt them and just use the this.

Melt the chocolate (with a little coconut oil) and then let it cool. If you use it hot on the balloons they might burst so just wait a little. I put a thick layer on, balanced them on a jam jar lid and put them in the freezer. Balancing them is so easy so don't worry about that at all. You need to leave the balloon globes in the freezer for a couple of hours. Don't be tempted to get them out early like I will just have to do it again.

Use dark or milk chocolate. I did try the globes with milk chocolate but they were just too soft and they didn't seem to set in the same way so I couldn't use them in the end.

When the globes are set pop the balloons and pull them out to leave the shell. 

Assemble the filling and put the globe on top. I thought the raspberry sorbet worked really well but use whatever you like just make sure it's really colourful so it has more of an impact. I sprinkled some pink glitter on mine just because I thought it'd look nice but do whatever you want; Green tea powder or edible gold glitter would look great as well.

Make the sauce by heating double cream with milk chocolate until you have a smooth sauce. Then when you are ready pour and tuck in,



Monday, 9 October 2017

Paradise in Montenegro

Absolute paradise in Montenegro. We stayed in Morinj, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to get away from it all and just relax.

We rented an apartment with a huge balcony and a view of the mountains.

Let me show you around the place...

We started almost every day with a trip to the infinity pool...

...or the spa where the windows slid open to the mountains.

Relaxing, drinking and eating. It was honestly just heaven. Exactly what I needed. My work is quite intense so it was perfect to get away and have a proper break. We spent our evenings walking down to the sea front and trying all the different restaurants.

The best of which by far was Konoba Catovica Mlini. It was recommended by a friend who told me to wear my best dress. Although I agree I would just add to make sure it has a stretchy waistband because you will end up eating everything haha. 

Such a beautiful setting and such amazing food; quite expensive but definitely worth it. We started with scallops in orange sauce for me and steak with gnocci for him.

Followed by a 'local tart'; not entirely sure what it was but apparently it was very nice, and chocolate souffle for me.

Before watching the sunset and having drinks, toasting to another perfect day in paradise.


Sunday, 8 October 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovnia

Montenegro is a perfect base to explore Bosnia and Herzegovnia and so that's exactly what we did! We headed to Trebinje to see the Hercegovacka Gracanica; a monastery nestled right at the top of a mountain.

The drive took about 2 hours in all with the border crossing and it was enjoyable because the views the whole way were like this...

I love road trips and enjoy driving so it was great. We hired our car from SIXT at the airport and had to get a green card for our border crossing as well as separate tickets from our hotel. We had no problems but I do know someone got stuck in traffic returning a SIXT car and had a ridiculous fine of 200 euros...I told them we would drop off the car a couple of hours later to give us lee-way after I heard that!

We arrived at the monastery, Hercegovacka Gracanica and it had seriously instagramable views.

My dress is from Warehouse for those of you interested. Also, very annoyingly, I think it's in the sale now. FFS. I hate it when that happens!

Anyway, back to the views. The mountain here reminds me of Table mountain in South Africa so we spent a bit of time taking it all in and soaking up the sun.

Before heading up the hill to the monastery and exploring the inside.

It reminded me a lot of the Russian churches, particularly the church of spilled blood. Although very pretty it is pretty small so after we had looked round we decided to settle at the amazing cafe on site and have lunch.

How ridiculously nice is this view? I love when you find an unexpected and deserted place when you're away.

We (almost) had the place to ourselves!

After our break we had one more quick look before we headed to Split, Croatia.

Until next time,


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