Monday, 30 January 2017

A little shopping haul...

This blog is largely about travelling but because I work full-time there are naturally going to be times when I'm not posting about a trip. Today I thought I'd write about something a little different; a shopping haul.

To me, the most important bit about shopping is fueling up for the day. I absolutely love breakfast and brunch but I don't have the time in the week so at the weekend I like to start my day a little later with eggs, or pancakes. I especially love bacon pancakes with honey and a side of sliced bananas.

I went shopping for one thing only, so naturally I came back with everything else except what I needed. Such a bad habit but I did find some lovely things.

Ha I've also just seen in that pancake picture I've got my grandad slippers on ^^^ can you tell I'm new to blogging yet?

Back to shopping! I ended up getting this super cute 'San Francisco' jumper from Next. I was surprised to find something I liked so much in there because normally I don't find the sizing that great. I don't even go in normally but I saw the jumper on display the airport and fell in love. It's just so fluffy on the inside, fits perfectly and will be great for cosy weekends in.

I got the floral dress in the TopShop sale, it was reduced to £10.00 from £59.00 and I absolutely love it. So much cheaper to get wedding guest dresses in the winter sales and it's a nice way to guarantee you wont be in the same outfit as someone else. I really love the pattern and it's quite long so I think it's get away with the very cheeky deep plunge at the front.

Make-up wise I bought my usual foundation and a CC cream. The CC cream is for travelling and for days like today (when I had to go to Yoga with a killer hangover and didn't want to traumatise anyone with my naked skin haha).

I also picked up this little biscuit from Morrisons which definitely ticks the box of 'Things I Really Don't Need But Want Anyway'. It's so cute. I couldn't help it!

I'll be posting about travelling soon.

Catch you later.


Terry's chocolate orange traybake

Terry's chocolate orange traybake. A moist and dense chocolate-y orange-y sponge with pistachios, topped with a cheesecake buttercream and a chunk of terry's chocolate orange. These are so good.

It's really easy I promise so don't be put off by there being a lot going on. It's all simple and in easy to follow steps. I had a quick look at this basic chocolate sponge recipe before measuring things out on my own terms. I like to use mugs for measuring just because I can get the ratios roughly right much easier than with guesswork and I don't have to faff weighing out grams.

You will need:
-1 mug of self- raising flour
-1 teaspoon of baking powder
-1/2 mug caster sugar
-1/2 mug of butter
-1/2 mug dark good-quality cocoa powder
-2 eggs
-1 orange: zested and juiced
-1/2 mug of pistachios
-1 packet of Terry's chocolate orange pieces

Mix all the dry ingredients together and then add the wet ingredients. I zested the orange before I juiced it and although it had a nice flavour; I'd recommend using two oranges and 1 egg just to make it extra orange-y.

Once everything is thoroughly mixed it it needs to be added to the baking tray.

Note: If you want to add pistachios do it now. Do not do what I did which was forget about them and then have to scatter them on top and swirl them in...


The next step is very important and essential to the whole process: spoon licking. Definitely the best bit of baking in my book!

Next put your creation into the oven at around 200 degrees fan / gas mark 4-5 and cook it for about 30-40 minutes; just keep an eye on it until it looks like this:

While it cools down it's time to make the chocolate cheesecake buttercream. This is ridiculously easy. Measure equal parts of cocoa and icing sugar before combining them with full-fat soft cream cheese. It's so delicious.

The marbling is so pretty I can't decide if I regret not leaving it half-mixed or not...

I think either way would be lovely. Once you're happy with however you'd like it, add a good tablespoon of sea-salt flakes. I love salt with dark chocolate; I think it helps cut through all the sweetness but if you love sweet things then by all means leave it out.

Give it one good final mix et voila...

Before you decorate the cake with your buttercream make sure it's fully cool. I know it's really hard to wait because decorating is so fun but you have to be patient or the cake will just break into sad little pieces. I managed to cut mine into about 16 pieces.

The next step is decorating: Dollop the buttercream on top; don't worry about being messy because we're covering it with pretty chocolate orange slices.

Next for the chocolate! There's enough segments in the packet to dole them out 'one for you and one for me'. I ate so many of these whilst I made this that by the end I was feeling mildly sick haha, but it was so worth it.

And, voila!

These stayed nice for about 3 days. I'd recommend keeping them in the fridge but that's more of a personal preference than anything else.




Saturday, 28 January 2017

12 reasons to sack in your job and go travelling

I love reading these 'listacles' and can get lost in buzzfeed for hours on them so I thought I'd start my first post writing the things I like to read. I'm lucky enough to enjoy my work, but it hasn't always been that way. I spent a long time working in a shop and hating it, so I figured some reasons to just go for it might be the push some people would need. Just a little disclaimer before we begin, don't make big life decisions overnight. Having said that, if you're sick of your job then don't waste your life there:

1. You hate it
If you seriously hate it, then there’s no point carrying on in the role. I’m not talking about one bad day. I’m talking about dreading going into work and hating everything about it; the job, the people and even the smell of the office. You've hit the saturation point. A little bit like when someone is irritating you and suddenly everything they do is annoying. If you feel you've reached that, then it's probably time to hand in your notice.

2. The grass is greener
I’m sure we’ve all heard this phrase bleated to us by well meaning people at some point as a warning to be satisfied with what you have. You are the one and only person qualified to make decisions about your life when you're an adult. Thank them for the advice but make sure you do whats right for you. There's also the argument that the grass might genuinely be greener in some places…like in Brazil or Australia #justsayin. 

3. You have no idea what to do with your life
If you're in this situation I'm sympathising with you. I've been there and it is really difficult if you have no idea. It can feel a little bit like you're sinking whilst everyone else is swimming off to amazing careers. Don't panic. You are not alone. It's worth considering if travelling can help make sense of it. For me personally, it did make me realise what I wanted to do. It felt that after a few weeks of travelling things seemed a lot clearer in my mind and I had more head space. Sometimes removing yourself from your current situation can be really freeing and help mull things over. 

Because BRUNCH is the best meal ever. You can’t have brunch in a 9-5 job. Need I say more?! 

5. You’re in the wrong career path
If you’re going to change career or change job…then why not build a little break into it? It’s not going to make a massive difference to the company you’ll be working for (who’ve been fine without you until now) but it will make a big difference to you. This is actually how I’ve done most of my travelling- in sections between contracts. I've managed to tick quite a lot off my bucket list by building in small breaks, they really do add up so don't count them out.

6. Adventure
There are so many countries out there, so many different places and people and things to see. There are so many different lives you could be having and even though that can be a bit scary to think about, it’s also exciting. You could be seeing the grand canyon or drinking wine in Sardinia. Although a career is important (to me, at least) you do need to live a little.

7.You need to get away
Sometimes life throws absolute, horrible situations at you. If you go away, when you come back whatever you’ve been running away from will most likely still be there. Still, sometimes a little break can be a bit of a rest and refresh button. I don't think a bit of sun and fresh air ever did someone harm so why not give it a try.

8. New friends
Making new friends is great and only gets harder the older you get. From travelling I made friends all over the world, in Washington, California, Toronto, Brisbane, Sydney, Sweden, South Africa etc. and visiting them is You will miss your ‘home’ friends when you’re away but friends for life are just that – for life. It's lovely to get on a plane and meet someone you already know at the other end. Locals always know the best places to go, have tips for sightseeing and depending on how close you are, may offer free accommodation.

9. You need a change of scene
If you’re thinking of moving jobs or cities anyway; why not do it abroad? I know that might sound a bit extreme but if you're after a change of scene and only need a good internet connection...then you could have that in the Swiss Alps or in Italy. Personally if I was completely mobile and only restricted by wifi access I would definitely be somewhere sunnier! 

10. A real tan that’s not even out of a bottle. Unless you’re in Sweden (in winter) but even then it'd be real snow.

10. You need to reinvent yourself
Okay, so this isn’t technically a job reason but I think it's still valid. If you're gutted after a break up, have fallen out with your friendship group or are just feeling disillusioned with life then it's a great way to introduce a sense of adventure again. 

11. Beaches
In the UK, the beaches aren’t that great. Okay, so we have the Scottish islands and of course, beautiful Cornwall but for the vast majority of us it’s a beach-starved land-locked existence. I personally love the coast and the sea because it can be so calming listening to the waves but I rarely get the chance to go. 

12. Bucket List
Last is definitely not least. Go travelling to make a start on your bucket list. I understand that sometimes it’s not a good time to travel or you don’t have the money. That’s fine; take time and save first but don't leave it on the back burner for too long- remember that we never truly know what could be round the corner for us so make the most of it. 

Also, not really a reason to leave a job…but travelling is really good fun. 

So get out there and leave your regrets at the check-in queue!



Friday, 27 January 2017



Since this is my very first post, I thought I would introduce myself...

I'm Jet, I live in England and I absolutely love to travel. The problem is, I also love my job. So I'm trying to fit in as many trips as possible whilst also working full-time and I've set myself the small target of getting to 100 countries.

Travelling is a massive priority for me, but so is my career and I don't want to pick. There are a lot of travel blogs around, which I love reading, but they're usually by people on gap years, people who have just finished gap years or people who don't seem restricted by holiday leave at all. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact I love reading about it and wish I was in that position but I'm a little different because I'm just trying to cram in as much travel, adventures and wine as I can into limited annual leave.

I figured there would be a lot of people in the same boat, so if that's you then jump in and let's go! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it,


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