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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A little shopping haul...

This blog is largely about travelling but because I work full-time there are naturally going to be times when I'm not posting about a trip. Today I thought I'd write about something a little different; a shopping haul.

To me, the most important bit about shopping is fueling up for the day. I absolutely love breakfast and brunch but I don't have the time in the week so at the weekend I like to start my day a little later with eggs, or pancakes. I especially love bacon pancakes with honey and a side of sliced bananas.

I went shopping for one thing only, so naturally I came back with everything else except what I needed. Such a bad habit but I did find some lovely things.

Ha I've also just seen in that pancake picture I've got my grandad slippers on ^^^ can you tell I'm new to blogging yet?

Back to shopping! I ended up getting this super cute 'San Francisco' jumper from Next. I was surprised to find something I liked so much in there because normally I don't find the sizing that great. I don't even go in normally but I saw the jumper on display the airport and fell in love. It's just so fluffy on the inside, fits perfectly and will be great for cosy weekends in.

I got the floral dress in the TopShop sale, it was reduced to £10.00 from £59.00 and I absolutely love it. So much cheaper to get wedding guest dresses in the winter sales and it's a nice way to guarantee you wont be in the same outfit as someone else. I really love the pattern and it's quite long so I think that means I can get away with the very deep plunge at the front.

Make-up wise I bought my usual foundation and a CC cream. The CC cream is for travelling and for days like today (when I had to go to Yoga with a killer hangover and didn't want to traumatise anyone with my bare skin haha).

I also picked up this little biscuit from Morrisons which definitely ticks the box of 'Things I Really Don't Need But Want Anyway'.

I'll be posting about travelling soon.


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