Sunday, 5 February 2017

Last minute trip essentials

If you're lucky enough to be on a short-notice trip then there are some things you really can't leave without. I always pack last minute because I'm so disorganised sometimes! For long-haul I think you need to pack a day or so in advance but if you're only going away for a few days then it's more fun to grab everything and go.

These are my absolute essentials for a short-haul trip. The bare necessities. Things I really couldn't leave without:

Naturally I've got my passport and EHIC card. I also don't go anywhere without travel insurance. I know it can be a pain to sort out and it's annoying having to fork out for it but I can't stress enough how much travel insurance is worth it. It's a few pounds for peace of mind for yourself and your family. If something were to happen to you at least you're not going to bankrupt your family with medical fees. Pay the few pounds and just get it over with.

Cash and cards. I like to have some local currency with me but if I can't get it in time I'll take money out at an ATM at my destination (not at the airport if I can avoid it). If you have cards with more than one bank, check which has the lowest fee and use that one. I try to take two bank cards with me in case I have any problems with one. Not being able to access money abroad is so horrendous and stressful so having two can be a life-saver. I don't usually tell the bank if I'm going away because it doesn't seem to be an issue for me but if your bank usually blocks your card then definitely let them know your plans.

Memory card, adapter plug and charging cables. NEED NEED NEED. I love taking photos while I'm away and then keeping them to look back on my adventures. I think it will make for an exciting afternoon when I'm old, grey and dribbling on my slippers in a retirement home.

Sunglasses. I'm so bad for remembering these but I swear if I don't have them it's always sunny. It's usually sunny in places I wouldn't expect and then my pictures are just me squinting. Learn from my mistakes. Mine are prescriptive because I have terrible eyesight. If you wear glasses get some of these prescription ones ASAP-they really are worth their weight in gold. I'm actually in a bit of a huff with myself for not having bought some earlier. I love them now. At some point I'd like some raybans as well but every time I look at the prices I think...hmm...could probably get a flight for that, haha.

Suncream. I know, I know, I sound about 46 now but *waggles finger* remember the suncream kids. I'm not into really into skincare products at the moment but but this is the one thing that I'm quite militant on. Even if it's not sunny just put it on. I like the transparent sprays and usually go for 50 SPF. Although initially it can feel quite strange you can't really tell you're wearing it once you get used to it. There's quite a good bodyshop moisturiser that's almost like a moisturising-milk thats 50SPF and a good Ambre Solaire cream for really sensitive skin (it's for babies).

Toothbrush. Goes without saying. Deodorant too.

Anti-bacterial gel. Essential for the plane ride. Circulated air, tiny bathroom stalls and surfaces that have been touched by approx 8798 people. No harm in using some gel is there? It's about 90p and could stop you catching a cold on your trip.

So obviously these are my essentials. I also take make up and dry shampoo, but at least with these basics you can tide yourself over for a little weekend away.

I've got a few long-haul trips coming up soon so I'll do a post on what to pack for those as well. I'm a super nosy person and love reading those 'what's in my bag?' posts so maybe you guys will too.

Let me know where you're going!


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