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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Power berry breakfast smoothies

It's Thursday night. The weekend is so close! Towards the end of the week if it has been especially busy or a bit stressful I can feel a bit run down. Not ill but just not at my best, if you know what I mean? When I feel this way I try to desperately cram as many vitamins in me as possible to stave off cold sores and colds, sort of like an emergency mitigation plan to try avoid getting ill. These smoothies are a great start and full of the good stuff.

These very berry smoothies are quick and CHEAP to make. I'm quite a frugal person because then it means I can afford to travel more so I have a knock off of the nutri-blender from Aldi/Lidl (I can't remember which) and I'd really recommend it. If I had to make this in a regular blender I'm not sure I could motivate myself because cleaning them can be such a faff but the bullet blenders are really quick to clean.

So first thing's first. We're going to use about half a portion of oats. For a rough guide it should be around a quarter of a mug:

Now put that in the blender while you measure out an equal amount of probiotic plain yoghurt. Make sure you get the probiotic kind because we want as much goodness in the smoothie as possible. Also probiotic yoghurt can help you lose weight (if that's what you want) by helping your body break down food so I use this type above regular yoghurt as much as I can. I suppose you could use a flavoured one but plain works just fine.

We want to add a similar amount again of frozen mixed berries. Buy them frozen because it's so much cheaper. I got mine from the supermarket and bulk buying is absolutely the way forward. It only cost a few pounds and I've been making these smoothies a lot recently. Add them in along with a bit of the melted berry juice in the bag:

Delicious! I went for mixed raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, red currants and blueberries in mine but of course go for whatever you fancy.

Scrape that all into the blender and add a good squeeze of honey (about 1 tablespoon).

My blender has a mark on for 350ml which is essentially a glass full so I add a little bit of milk, water or orange juice if I need a bit more to get it up to that mark.


Beautiful, pink and glossy.  I like to have bits in mine so I don't blend it for that long. It makes me feel a little healthier if I can tell there are fruit chunks in there. The frozen fruit chills the smoothie so it's perfect to have right away. Usually I drizzle a bit of berry juice on top because it just makes it look a bit more interesting and instagram-worthy haha.

One of the best bits about this is now you can swan about for the rest of the day feeling all zen and healthy. You could always put it in a to-go cup for breakfast on the way to work.

Now you've been so well behaved it means at the weekend you can chow down on things like this... beetroot brownies...


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