Saturday, 4 February 2017

Why are people so judgemental about travelling?

Rant alert.

This is one thing I never really understand, why are some people be so judgemental about travelling? I don't mean people at home but the people you meet on breaks can sometimes be so patronising about trips. I think maybe it's because I am having little breaks that fit with my career rather than doing it all at once in a gap-year, but I'm not sure. Just an example to show you what I mean;

Someone will ask me (usually in a hostel) where I've been and how long I've been away for when suddenly they drop in something offensive out of nowhere. It's usually along the lines of:

'Only [insert your travelling time here]? I'VE been away for ... years'
'I've been there, don't bother', 'I've been there, it's s***'
'You're staying in a hotel/hostel/couch-surfing? The ONLY way to travel is...'

Has anyone else had this before?

I find it really annoying because it's not as though I wouldn't go for a massive gap year because travelling is one of my passions, it's just that I also want to develop my career and so I can't for the moment. I think people seem to really struggle with the idea that I would prefer to travel in little bits than all at once for right now.

There's no right or wrong way to travel. I do think it's a bit harsh to force your views on other people though.


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