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Monday, 10 April 2017

Gooey stacked Nutella Peanut-butter Brownies

Introducing these delicious, gooey, nutella-peanut butter-malteaser brownies.

Now try saying that really fast.

The recipe is an adapted peanut butter cookie recipe without eggs - I usually look at a rough recipe and change it depending on what I have in the cupboards. For working out measurements I see what ingredients are roughly half or a third of another, and so on. I like to bake this way because I can never be bothered to weigh ingredients but I have tried to estimate measurements for those of you who can be bothered.

I hope you like them as much I do.
If you want to make it you will need these ingredients...

For the peanut-butter crumble:
3 tablespoons of peanut butter (crunchy, buy the good stuff)
3 tablespoons of sieved icing sugar
3 tablespoons of butter
6-8 tablespoons (heaped) of sieved self-raising flour (you can use plain-I just used what I had in the cupboards at the time)
1 fistful of plain peanuts (not roasted, not salted)

For the gooey brownie layer:
300g of dark chocolate (get the highest percentage of cocoa you can)
150g of butter
150g of Nutella
150g of sieved self-raising flour
4 eggs

1 packet of Malteasers. You're going to eat some along the way, naturally, but try leave about 20-30...either way I'm not judging.

Lets get started by preheating the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and lining a deep baking tray ready for the layers. Now bash up the malteasers whilst they're still in the packet; you want to crush them into chunks not obliterate them to smithereens.

For the peanut-butter crumble layer firstly mix the peanut butter, butter and icing sugar together.

Next add the peanuts.

Then add the flour to get a consistency like this:

Voila that is it! Press it into the baking tray firmly with a fork. Don't worry about it being a bit crumbly - the gooey brownie holds it together.

Scatter the peanut-crumble with half of the crushed Malteasers and put the other half aside for later.

Now for the gooey brownies...
Melt together the dark chocolate and butter; either over a bain-marie or using a microwave in 30s bursts. Keep mixing it together until you get a smooth glossy chocolate-y sauce.

Add the Nutella now whilst the chocolate mixture is still warm; you want it to melt completely into it.

You're going to be left with the chocolate sauce of dreams - have a taste.

Now fold in the sieved self-raising flour and let the mixture cool.

Beat the 4 eggs together and mix in once the brownie mixture has cooled. You should have a smooth and glossy mix but if you don't, just add a little milk or flour to loosen or thicken the mixture as needed.

Pour it over the top of the peanut-crumble and push it with a spoon so it covers the whole top.

Scatter with the remaining Malteaser dust and put into the oven for 12 minutes.

12 minutes will get you incredibly gooey brownies with a thin crust on top; these are perfect for eating at home but if you're taking them somewhere then cook them for another 10-15 minutes so they keep their shape. Keep an eye on them to check they're not burning and remember that they continue to cook as they cool down.

These are the gooey ones...

...and these are the leaving the house appropriate ones...

Snaffle them or refrigerate them - just make sure they're gone within 3 days whilst they're at their best.



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