Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Pampering Needed

The past 3 weeks for me have been really stressful. I've been flat out working, even waking up really early to get more work done before going to work *one solo tear*. I felt like I was making myself ill but I couldn't really drop any of the tasks I was doing, even for a day because of my deadlines. It's luckily all finished now but left me feeling burnt out and generally under the weather.

I needed TLC and pronto! I thought I'd share with you how I make myself feel better...

First thing first; fuel. I love eating cheese and cake and all the bad things but when I'm feeling utterly crap I really don't want those things at all. I'm not saying I'm falling over myself to shot blended kale or anything crazy like that but I just don't crave treats when I feel massively run down. Having said that, if you are that way inclined then keep your eyes peeled for these cheeky brownies coming to the blog soon...

I really wanted something with vitamins so I made banana and peanut butter smoothies - bananas help lower blood pressure and are full of potassium that can help you sleep if you're stressed. I'm not sure what peanut butter does but it tastes bloody delicious so in it goes.

I've also been eating a lot of vegetables and making fancy salads to try cram in as many nutrients as possible and stop myself getting ill. I hate salads that are just a collection of sad lettuce leaves, a few slices of a cucumber and the occasional rogue tomato - really unappetising! I do think salads can be really nice if you put the effort in making them - I made this rocket, spinach and chard salad with proscuittio, orange slices, lancashire cheese and an orange-balsamic dressing. The rule of thumb is: if it makes leaves taste nice then I want it.

I also had a hot bath with a drink, candles and bath oils. I treated myself to some Lush bath bombs in the week and they are great but the glitter really did get all over my bathroom haha. I also used the gaia bath bomb one; it was pretty fun but definitely not as nice as the golden egg bath melt.

Then a bit of chill time. I've been watching netflix and iplayer whilst I've been soaking in the tub and it is the BEST. I'm really into clique at the moment; have you guys seen it? It's properly intense but full of curveball moments. If you liked 'the replacement' (bar the ending- which I think we can all agree left the realms of reality far, far away) then you'll love clique.

I also like sitting in my pj's, an enormous fluffy dressing gown and covering myself in moisturisers. If I have to get ready for something then if I'm a bit run-down I usually make a bit of extra effort with my appearance to make myself look a bit more normal. I use an NYX green concealer which although looks slightly alarming on its own is great under foundation for covering dark eye bags which I usually get when I'm sick.

If you have any tips for things you do to make yourself feel a bit better then let me know.

Until next time,


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