Sunday, 14 May 2017


Croque madame is a bit of a Sunday tradition. I like to get up a little later and spend a bit more time making something really delicious for brunch. These are a current favourite in my house so I thought I would share them.

First things first, leave your waistband at the door. This is definitely not healthy, but it tastes so good that it just doesn't matter.

I started off by toasting the bread in a little oil over a hot oven-compatible pan. If you want, add some mustard now. I often do but I wasn't in the mood for it this time; I find with some strong flavours like mustard and blue cheese I have to really crave them for me to properly enjoy them. If you want to add it, I'd recommend whole grain.

When the bread was a little toasted I turned the slices over and layered over some mature cheddar cheese. You want the cheese to go onto the warm side of the bread so it melts as fast as possible.

After a couple of minutes it's time to layer over some ham. I used three slices of parma-ham and folded it over the cheese before topping it with the other slice of now toasted bread.

Then I flipped the toastie over and weighed it down. I'm not sure why this picture turned out so blurry but I wanted to show you guys because it's really important to add some weight to get the toastie to squidge together (technical term there haha).

Next I turned on the grill, then flipped the toastie and weighed it down from the other side. Once the cheese had melted I put the toastie to the site whilst I cooked the egg. If you shake the egg (gently!) the yolk will be right in the middle. I waited until the whites had started to set but were not cooked through before taking the egg out, putting in on the toastie and covering the whole thing with cheese.

I put into under the grill to melt and kept a close eye on it to make sure the egg was fully cooked without setting the yolk.

Runny yolk, melting stretching cheese and salty ham - absolutely delicious. I don't tend to add salt because parma ham is especially salty but obviously feel free to do so.



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