Thursday, 18 May 2017

Diet friendly chocolate-peanut butter cups

I made these diet-friendly chocolate-peanut butter cups the other week after having my friend recommend PB2. They're pretty taste and great for snacking when you want to eat a lot without feeling like a complete whale.

They're tasty and not in that incredibly irritating way super-healthy people tell you that green kale smoothies are genuinely delicious, that a big apple filled them up or that banana and egg smashed together tastes just like a pancake. You know the type I mean. I hate them too haha.

These chocolate peanut-butter cups are not like that at all. They're really delicious. Definitely not super-healthy but better than having a biscuit or a chocolate bar. I'm in one of those cozy up and eat a lot moods so these are great.

If you want to make them this is what you're going to need:
-Dark chocolate (the darkest you can find)
-1 tbsp of honey (if you want to sweeten the chocolate)
-Peanut-butter powder - this stuff is great
-A fistful of peanuts
-1/2 mug of oats

That's it. Simple.

First you want to make the peanut mix. I blended the oats until they were almost obliterated into small pieces.

Then I dry-toasted the peanuts; this part is important to add flavour because the peanut-butter powder we're going to use doesn't taste quite the same as regular peanut-butter.

The powder has 70% less fat than regular peanut butter which is why we're using it. If you wanted you could use regular peanut butter instead of the oats, peanuts and powder but it would be a lot more calorific which is why I didn't want to.

Once the peanuts are toasted I blended them and added that to the oat mix. Then I measured out 1/2 a mug of peanut butter powder and mixed the lot together. The powder needs to have water added to make it into a paste. Too little and it wont bind, but too much and it will not hold its shape. To avoid this I added water tbsp by tbsp until I had a thick consistency that just stuck together and no more. It looked like this:

Next the topping. I melted the dark chocolate with a little coconut oil; you could melt it plain if you wanted but I find the process quicker if I add a little oil.

I had bought 100% dark chocolate which was really intense and bitter so I added some honey to sweeten. Depending on your purchase and preference you may want to add more, less, or no honey. I quite like adding it myself and knowing exactly how much sugar is going in- but that's an individual taste so do what you like.

Next I assembled. I accidentally bought these tiny cupcake cups a while ago when trying to get regular ones - finally I had a use haha. I mean seriously, look at these...

I had no f****** clue what I was going to use them for until I started on this recipe haha. I put about a teaspoon of the peanut mix into the cups and then pressed it down. Next I added a thick layer of chocolate on the top. The peanut mix tastes like a peanuty-oaty mix so the thick layer of chocolate is important to make it feel like a treat.

That's it. So easy. Let the chocolate harden and then the cups are done. Delicious! They go down especially well with a helping of Absolutely Fabulous on Netflix - I am in love with that show.

Nothing beats the combination of chocolate and peanuts does it? If you're feeling particularly naughty then I'd recommend trying my nutella-peanut butter stacked brownies.




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