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Friday, 28 July 2017

Exploring Gothenburg

I was pretty heartbroken when my best friend moved to Sweden but there was one tiny perk...getting to visit.

(This is liz, who you might recognise from my Prague photos)

She lives in Gothenburg, which I probably wouldn't have visited if it wasn't to see her but I would've been missing out. It's a wonderful place and I had a great time. It's always lovely to visit friends living abroad because they know all the great places to go (and free accommodation!). It helps that her apartment was the most Hygge thing I've seen, serious pintrest goals.

I arrived pretty late and she's a party animal so we ended up having one recovery night before a night out. After a snooze we headed for some brunch. Sweden doesn't seem to do brunch in the way that we're used to; it's more grab a fish sandwich and some juice rather than the longer mornings we have here. Having said that, we were determined to persevere with our tradition and stuck out salmon sandwiches at silly o'clock.

Then we wandered around the city getting a feel for the place; it's quite small in the centre so I think its ideal for a weekend trip. If you have longer to spend then by all means spend it, there's a lot to do in Gothenburg but I think you could see the main sights in the weekend.

We walked round the buildings feeling dwarfed in comparison...

...before heading to a quite unexpected sight for the middle of a city. The public zoo! It's free which was great since Sweden as a whole is pretty expensive but it was also really good - I was expecting to see some bunnies and maybe a few goats but there were loads of animals - seals, ponies, deer and this rather peeved off looking lady Elk.

We walked through the whole park and were completely famished at the end so headed for some swedish meatballs and a large glass of wine at SMAKA; it was great. I'm going to have to create them when I get back - they were so delicious. I'm not sure about the 'bath' of lingonberry sauce but at least it looked pretty haha.

We had a great time catching up. Isn't it funny how you can not see someone for ages but then when you meet up it's like no time has passed at all? I had such a nice time.


Thursday, 27 July 2017

What to do if you lose ALL of your holiday pictures

So yesterday was pretty terrible; I accidentally deleted all of my holiday photos. I know in the grand scheme of things this is such a small tiny first world problem to have but I did feel gutted. I love looking back at photos of the places I've visited and I keep my favourite pictures in a big album for when I'm old and grey. Also since I've started travel blogging keeping photos has become more important since now they're going on here so yanoo, all in all, it wasn't the best day ever.

I'm just going to explain how this happened, since it does sound stupid to delete the things you want to keep. I was sorting through the photos on my SD card to get rid of the ones I already had backed-up or had on the blog (by this point I had thousands so it was getting a bit out of hand!). I inserted my SD card to my computer to do this because it's much easier than trying to delete every picture one by one. On my SD card some of my holiday photos didn't show up and I didn't initially realise, so when I was deleting my files they weren't there. I had deleted almost all of my files when I realised I hadn't seen any from Sweden. I think the SD card must've had a fault for the photos to have not shown up and by deleting so many photographs at once they must've also got deleted. When I realised I hadn't seen them I looked in my recycle folder but the files I wanted weren't there. I also put my SD card back in my camera with some blind faith they might show up but none of them did.


I was miffed because I had a few photos of my trip on my phone but not many and the quality is not the same at all to my canon where you can really see all the detail.

I was panic-googling and found a way to get the photos back. I tried 3 different recovery software programmes. Essentially they let you see the photos that the software can recover for you, then you have to pay for the software if you want to get them back. It was £30 which I didn't love, but I'm just so glad to have my photos that it was definitely worth it for me personally. I also found a lot of photos I'd forgotten about from a long time ago which I loved.

I tried Recuva but it didn't find any files for me so that was a bust. Then I tried Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery which found loads of photos but as luck would have it...not the ones I wanted. I was losing hope until I used RescuePRO which took aggeessss to search for my files but found them all. I read that Cropfruit was good and it seemed really easy to use but the free download link to complete the initial photo scan wasn't I couldn't give that one a go.

I like to edit photos on my tablet using VSCO and Photoshop Express so I tried to re-upload the rescued files to my SD card and transfer them over. This did not work which is my only bugbear with the RescuePRO software just because it made me panic that it had gone wrong when I saw the screen come up full of big question marks where there should have been photos. It had worked, the photos just would not transfer back on to the SD card they only stayed on the recovery file that had been created on my computer. 

I'm just so relieved to have my photos back and I would definitely recommend the recovery software for anyone in the same position. One thing to note though is that you shouldn't use your memory card in your camera until you've tried to get your photos back or you can end up writing over them. The recovery software also found photos from years ago that I had forgotten about which was lovely so I was really impressed.


Monday, 24 July 2017

Swedish Islands

The Swedish Islands were by far the highlight of my entire trip; they were unreal. Definitely the best thing I did during my time in Sweden and I would massively recommend them to anyone.

Our day started off in the way that the best days do, with sunshine, and lots of it. It was perfect; we walked down the harbour, bought some fruit and had a drink whilst waiting for our boat to arrive. 

We caught the boat to Brännö Rödsten which I think sounds like the name of a someone really bad ass, like the Swedish version of Chuck Norris or something haha so I couldn't take it seriously. The views though were something else entirely!

The boat took about an hour because it stopped off at loads of other islands on the way but it was really fun because of the views. Having said that though, I saw so many private boats and was so jealous; I'd love to be able to cruise up to a private bit of the island whenever I fancied it and have a picnic like the locals were doing.

After almost missing our stop, because my friend and I were so busy chatting haha, we made it to Brännö and started our sightseeing tour.

It is breathtaking. I just wish cameras could see what eyes do; it never quite looks as impressive on a photo does it?! 
After working up quite an appetite scrambling over rocks to get the highest view on the island we headed down to a little beach shack for some beer and tacos. My friend loves this place and I quickly saw why - genuinely one of the nicest meals I've ever had. 

I chose smoked salmon tacos with mango salsa and my friend had an open-top salmon sandwich. I'm not sure if it was because the fish was so fresh or just the combinations but they were both incredible. I wish I could make something that delicious. If you go to Gothenburg it's worth getting the boat out just to eat here. Seriously. We stayed here for a few drinks overlooking the harbour...

...before heading off the see the rest of the island. If you end up going to the island and want to find the shack, I don't know the name but it is next to the shack by the old railway line with this artwork, I hope you find it and happy adventuring!

We continued sightseeing around the island and fell in love with the place. It was really quaint and the locals had all painted their post-boxes which I loved; this cat one was definitely my favourite.

We walked right across the island, stopping on the way for the essentials - ice-cream and views.

Before heading back to the city for a night out on the main street Andra l


Saturday, 22 July 2017

12 things to watch right now

I was all set to write a post on summer reads then sit in the garden with a large glass of wine...then it started chucking it down. Not just a bit of rain but fully soak-to-the-bones rain. I thought I'd write a post from the comfort of my bed instead on the things you need to watch right now.

Love Island
I've only recently got into it but OMG it's just 'ticking all the boxes for me' at the moment haha.
Watch: If you like Made in Chelsea/The Only Way is Essex/Fun trash TV

The Room
Widely known as the worst film ever made. The thing's so bad it's hilarious. Watch with your friends, preferably playing the drinking game version and thank me forever. YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA has to be the best delivery of a line in any film full stop.

It's back! It's brilliant! Watch watch watch. I think I'm a bit in love with Daeny but who isn't?
Watch: Because it's so different to anything else on TV at the moment.

Stranger Things
An oldie but a goodie. So addictive. I actually watched the whole series in one night and didn't get to bed until 5am. It was so worth it; I just had to know what happened.
Watch: With other people in the house. It's pretty jumpy so if you watch alone you might wee yourself in a panic #justsaying.

I'm not really sure how to describe this without making it sound terrible but let me go ahead and butcher it for you anyway haha. It's a period drama about a man coming back from war and is based on the books. I can't make it sound good but it's great, I'm hooked and I genuinely wait for it to be uploaded onto iplayer every Sunday night. Wow, I just read that back and that made me sound approx 6838 years old.
Watch: If you like Downton Abbey

Glamorous. Addictive. Gritty. It's PLT 2.0.
Watch: If you like pretty little liars/gossip girl but were frustrated at the ending after investing so much time in it.

The Handmaids Tale
Super-intense drama. Read the book, you wont be able to put it down. It's quite brutal so definitely not one to watch on your own late at night.
Watch: If you like the hunger games/dystopian type stuff

Married at first sight
Amazing trash TV about couples who get matched by a group of experts (psychologist, sexologist and someone else I can't remember the title of). Great to see how perfect on paper plays out in real life.
Watch: If you like say yes to the dress, Don't tell the bride, RHOC etc.

Memoirs of a Geisha
Beautiful film with an amazing story line. A new fave.
Watch: If you like avatar, crouching tiger hidden dragon/Hero and/or have read the book

Planet Earth
Incredible scenes + David Attenborough.
Watch: If you like Nature's Miracle Babies/cute things

Country music drama. Didn't know I liked country music until this programme started but it turns out I love it. Refreshing to watch something a little bit different where the characters lives aren't completely un-relatable 99% of the time.
Watch: If you need a new addictive series pronto.

Shameless US
I couldn't get into the British one but the US drama is so funny. You have to watch it.
Watch: For a drama with a bit of a laugh, if you liked Greenwing this is probably up your street.

Let me know your recommendations - I'm always on the look out,


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Cocktails and art

At the weekend I met up with an old friend. We hadn't seen each other for years so decided to have a long weekend catch up and ended up drinking (probably) the amount of cocktails we had missed out on in that time.

Before day-drinking the essential unbreakable rule is having a meal. We chose a fantastic little brunch spot (Marmadukes in Sheffield, FYI) and I tucked into eggs benedict with smoked salmon. It was delicious and I was very happy...until I saw my friends and boyfriends English breakfast come and then I was filled with food envy. I actually love having brunch here but they do always take ages to bring you anything so if you are properly starving I would swerve it.

Anyway, after filling up we were ready for a liquid lunch. Beginning with fruity cocktails...

...followed by ones with popping candy...

...and espresso martinis to bring us back to life towards the end haha.

Can I just say that there was an offer on in this place so the number of drinks was completely justified and we did drink slowly over the whoollleeee day (at least that's what I tell myself) haha.

We stayed out til late hopping between the bars until curling up on the sofa and squinting really hard through our blurry eyes to watch a film.

The next day feeling sleepy we were herded into the car by my long-suffering boyfriend (haha) and headed to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to enjoy the heat wave. I love sculptures so the hangover didn't really put me off.

We wandered through the artwork and completed a loop of the grounds.

Even bumping into some friendly but hairy locals on the way.

We saw some sculptures we loved...

...and some we didn't feel as strongly about...

....these men ^^ we found very strange looking...

All in all, a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to do it again. Wishing you all as zen a week as this colourful cyclops.

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