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Monday, 24 July 2017

Swedish Islands

The Swedish Islands were by far the highlight of my entire trip; they were unreal. Definitely the best thing I did during my time in Sweden and I would massively recommend them to anyone.

Our day started off in the way that the best days do, with sunshine, and lots of it. It was perfect; we walked down the harbour, bought some fruit and had a drink whilst waiting for our boat to arrive. 

We caught the boat to Brännö Rödsten which I think sounds like the name of a someone really bad ass, like the Swedish version of Chuck Norris or something haha so I couldn't take it seriously. The views though were something else entirely!

The boat took about an hour because it stopped off at loads of other islands on the way but it was really fun because of the views. Having said that though, I saw so many private boats and was so jealous; I'd love to be able to cruise up to a private bit of the island whenever I fancied it and have a picnic like the locals were doing.

After almost missing our stop, because my friend and I were so busy chatting haha, we made it to Brännö and started our sightseeing tour.

It is breathtaking. I just wish cameras could see what eyes do; it never quite looks as impressive on a photo does it?! 
After working up quite an appetite scrambling over rocks to get the highest view on the island we headed down to a little beach shack for some beer and tacos. My friend loves this place and I quickly saw why - genuinely one of the nicest meals I've ever had. 

I chose smoked salmon tacos with mango salsa and my friend had an open-top salmon sandwich. I'm not sure if it was because the fish was so fresh or just the combinations but they were both incredible. I wish I could make something that delicious. If you go to Gothenburg it's worth getting the boat out just to eat here. Seriously. We stayed here for a few drinks overlooking the harbour...

...before heading off the see the rest of the island. If you end up going to the island and want to find the shack, I don't know the name but it is next to the shack by the old railway line with this artwork, I hope you find it and happy adventuring!

We continued sightseeing around the island and fell in love with the place. It was really quaint and the locals had all painted their post-boxes which I loved; this cat one was definitely my favourite.

We walked right across the island, stopping on the way for the essentials - ice-cream and views.

Before heading back to the city for a night out on the main street Andra l


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