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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Kitten spam

I know this isn't my typical post but I just had to share this overload of cuteness now this baby fluffball has arrived. My sister's cat had kittens and this little gremlin is the cutest.

He just looks so grumpy all the time I can't even handle it <3

Wish he was mine. I'm scared to get a dog or cat just yet because I don't think I'm ready for all the responsibility and having to be at home more often but this little fluffball is making me think twice. One day <3

His little squished face is just too much to handle, what a cutie!



  1. <3 OMG TOO FLUFFY <3


    1. Oh my gosh I cannot believe you have read my blog, I am fan-girling so much right now haha - I've loved your blog for years and I remember being actually a bit sad when you stopped for a while - I'm glad your back,

      Jet x


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