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Monday, 2 October 2017

Breakfast in Montenegro, Lunch in Bosnia and Dinner in Croatia

Montenegro is the perfect base to explore Bosnia and Croatia because it's right by the border. We stayed in Morinj for most of the time but decided one day on an epic roadtrip - to visit 3 counties in one day. I've had my mind set on a 3-countries- in-one-day trip ever since I heard that you could visit Switzerland for breakfast, Liechtenstein for lunch and have dinner in Austria. I hadn't really considered road-tripping to other countries before when I've been away but given how close we were to the border it seemed like a great idea.

The only thing I would do different is leave more time for the border crossing. Montenegro to Bosnia only took about 45 minutes but to cross between Bosnia and Croatia took THREE HOURS. Oh my gosh it was so dull. If you end up doing this roadtrip my advice would be go to Croatia first thing in the morning before the queue gets bad.

We started at our apartment in Montenegro with ice coffee and a bit of a mezze; I love picking between a lot of plates.

Very sweetly the lady who looks after the apartment had stocked our fridge with the essentials; ham, orange juice and beer haha.

After a quick dip in the pool to enjoy the view we set off to our first stop; Trebinje.

After exploring the Monastery at the top of the hill (post coming soon I promise!) we stopped for drinks and lunch. 

Next stop to Croatia; we headed to Stikovica for dinner at Konoba Veranda; a family run restaurant with every dish telling a story of their heritage. We really enjoyed it, the service was great and we thought it was pretty cheap considering how great the food was. I had grilled squid and vegetable whilst my partner had pork belly. At the time this was the top rated restaurant in the area and it cost us about £55 for 2 courses and drinks, great value considering it was so delicious.

Both were excellent.

On our way back home we stopped for drinks and the views.

Before heading home for bed.

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