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Friday, 6 October 2017

Exploring Perast and Lipci cave art

After our big road trip we fancied exploring somewhere a little closer to home so we headed to a pretty little town called Perast.

Initial impressions weren't great because as soon as we arrived in the pay and display car park a random man immediately started yelling at us (we weren't trying to block a taxi rank or coach not sure what that was about but he would not stop [it was in English he just wasn't making any sense]). We eventually found a free spot just outside and had to walk through the car park where the man was still shouting ...just this time at other we felt as soon as we got in to the town that it was definitely time to relax and eat as much ice-cream as possible. If you don't have at least one meal as ice-cream then are you even on holiday haha? 

Look at how dwarfed the icecream is in my travel-partners hand haha; Must've been the angle, he's not that much of a giant I swear. I had my favourites - pistachio and nuts while he opted for strawberry.

Then we had a little wander around. 

The centre of Perast faces an island with a beautiful church on. You can get water taxis over but on this day it was so unbelievably hot that we just felt like doing absolutely no proper sightseeing and just meandering about on our own schedule.

So we settled for a wander around the streets. 

Since Perast is on the coast it's so easy to navigate round so you can get lost without really having to worry about where you might end up. Getting lost and being able to wander about aimlessly is one of the best things about travelling I think. I love finding old buildings and little cafes and shops in the middle of no where.

This overgrown abandoned church ^^ was my favourite building in the town. I love abandoned places, especially when they've been taken over by nature. Seeing built up areas being re-claimed by greenery makes me feel that maybe the planet can survive humans. I'd love to go and see abandoned buildings over the world; There must be so much history there that's been lost over time and it would be so interesting to see things that have otherwise been forgotten.

After that deep little moment haha, lets move on to drinks and admiring the view...

Iced coffees in the sun = Heaven

After relaxing and recovering from the heat (as much as we could!) we decided to do some exploring. Lipci cave art is a great stop-off but very hard to find and quite small so only visit if you're in the area. After quite a bit of a road trip and going repeatedly up and down the same roads in confusion we eventually succeeded in finding the entrance partially hidden under a fig tree...

Next the simple matter of locating some tiny art in a huge area - simple haha. The path is massively overgrown but easy enough to navigate and I had already looked up the directions online because it's not as simple as you would think! The reviews were full of people who found it and loved it, found it and didn't but the vast majority didn't find it at all.

We had to follow the path for about 10 minutes before reaching a small cave. Past the cave we carried on for a few minutes looking up to see the orange streaked rocks and that's where we saw the carvings.

Can you spot them?

Perhaps now with a zoomed in view?

It took us a while to see them as they're quite high up but it is amazing that artefacts like this can survive the test of time. I hate modern art and can't understand it's value at all but something like this I find really amazing. As I love cave art I'd recommend going but only if you're close by because it's difficult to find and there's not very much of it.

At this point we realised that unfortunately we had both caught the sun so we had to make a hasty get-away; We weren't burnt but were suffering with minor heat stroke so headed off for a lie down and cold juices, hence the short post today - I will be back soon with more,


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