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Sunday, 22 October 2017


I'm back from my Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia trip so now it's time to plan in something else. I get such itchy-feet when I'm back home. I hate more than anything to not have something not booked in for when I get back - it just makes me feel stuck.

I've got Australia and Japan planned for next year but I've still got some leave left; any recommendations? 

I keep toying with the idea of Morocco, perhaps in December? If you've been I'd love to hear about it. I quite fancy riding a camel although last time I did, the camel behind me hated me so much it kept spitting on my back for the whole trek haha. 


p.s. this travel map cost me about £7.50 - I bought the map off ebay and the corkboard from Wilkinsons; Much cheaper to DIY than buy the pre-made corkboard maps off the internet, I actually couldn't get over how expensive they are online - £30 are they having a laugh?! Do yourself a favour and get on ebay asap. How cute are the turtle pins as well!

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