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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Autumn eats

Basically the only good thing about the weather getting colder is getting to eat more food haha. 

I've been having lots of cosy nights in now it's been getting dark so early now. There's nothing better than cosying up with a hot chocolate and netflix after a long wintry walk at the weekends as well.

 Isn't that sheep footrest just the best?! I love it - I picked it up at a market and got serious noodle arms commuting it to the car but you can get it online here (mine is the 'Harry' version but check out the cows as well- they're even cuter).

I've been having lots of autumnal meals so I thought I would share them with you. I'd rather be talking about travel but since I don't travel 24/7 I figured I should probably throw something else in the mix.

I hand carved the leaves on this pie which is why they're a bit skew-wiff haha but I thought they still looked pretty. I filled one with hot cajun chicken and the other with left over chicken mole; They were so delicious. I've got a bit of a cold at the minute so having chilli-hot dishes is just the best; It's like 5 glorious minutes of being able to breathe out your nose haha.

With the leftover pastry I made this apple cinnamon pie (crust on the bottom) for afters. It took days to finish eating it but was so easy to make.

I've also been loving that now its colder its socially acceptable to have mulled wine again. I could honestly have this year round it is so delicious.

Plus there's always pumpkin spice lattes if you don't like alcohol - I made this iced version by using the pulp from a munchkin pumpkin (how cute are those by the way?!) blended with nutmeg, cinnamon, a bit of all spice, honey and iced coffee. It was pretty nice but gingerbread syrup with hot milk is still my favourite wintry drink.

What have you been getting up to?



  1. So much amazing food/drink in this post! Those pies looks SO good - I can't believe you carved that leaf yourself, it's so pretty! I'm really craving some serious comfort food right now... x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. Thank You!I can't think of anything better in winter than pies and cheese and mulled wine haha - I am very greedy but in winter I'm on another level 😂 x

  2. oh i love seasonal food and everything pumpkin is what i love. pumpkin spice loaf and pumpkn soup is my thin right now.


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