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Friday, 2 February 2018

Valentines gift-guide

I love Valentines day. I get that it's not what everyone is into and that 'you should be romantic everyday' blah blah blah...but I can't see anything wrong with celebrating being happy with someone. I spent so many valentines days single so I get it not being that great if you're feeling lonely but you can always hang out with your bestie.

Anyway, here's my gift guide..

First up...the things I would like *MAJOR HINT DROPPING HERE JUST FYI*

1) This amazing heart bubble bath melt.
2) A lipstick she will love!
4) Some love-heart warmers to warm even the coldest hands
5) Mini heart iced biscuits to keep her sweet
6) The cutest lunch box love notes
8) Intertwined hearts necklace
9) A delicious (and pink) drink
10) A whole boat load of haribo

For Him...

1) Love letters of great men
2) A varrrryyyy fancy satchel
3) This specs holder that completely cracks me up
4) Star Wars: A New concert with a live orchestra at the Albert Hall
5) A craft beer subscription (really it's a gift for you haha)
6) A reusable coffee cup for the eco-minded
7) Date night cards for you to fill out - perhaps for a last minute gift
8) A fancy-AF bottle of wine
10) A hearts mug but it might be more fun to go and paint them together
11) A very pricey but fancy beard grooming kit

But the most important thing is just to spend time together, even if you ending up printing one of these (I'm not do this hahaha),


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