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Friday, 30 March 2018

Quintissentially British: Betty's Afternoon Tea

It's been a while since my last post - sorry about it, things have been a little hectic because I'm changing career and retraining and it is making me feel super-stressed so I have been a bit AWOL.

I thought I'd share this afternoon tea at Betty's with you all - for my US and S.Asia readers (my biggest demographic), afternoon tea is an English tradition, it's not an everyday thing, but for a special occasion nothing is better. Betty's has a couple of branches in the North of England but none in London so it doesn't get anywhere near the amount of hype it should despite being absolutely delicious.

If you end up visiting the UK and want to try British things you absolutely need to go for afternoon tea, have a gin and tonic, eat fish and chips and have a dinner involving yorkshire puddings.

Anyway, back to Betty's - We went for the standard afternoon tea and were all delighted with it.

We started with tea and sandwiches; I was driving so no champagne for me (tiny tears haha). The staff were really attentive, especially to dietary requirements and let us swap our fillings around which was lovely. 

We had smoked salmon with cream cheese, egg mayonnaise with cress (such a classic), roast chicken and yorkshire ham, a beautiful fluffy raisin scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam and 3 beautiful tiny sweets - a lemon macaroon with a lemon curd filling, a fruit tart and a gateau l'opera.

I purposefully didn't take a photograph of the scone because another odd British thing is that people get very upset with the order of cream and jam on a the South people typically put cream on first and cover it with jam, but in the North it's the opposite with people putting jam then cream's a very odd thing to disagree about but people do get quite bothered about the 'right' and 'wrong' way.

It was all so delicious but obviously my favourite was the sweet with chocolate haha.

There's something so fancy about eating tiny puddings isn't there?

I'm supposed to be eating healthily but it was so worth having this as a bit of a one-off treat. Afterwards we were all saying how nice it was to go out for food and not feel overly full so we thought the portions were perfectly sized. Funnily enough we stayed for about 3 hours which is ridiculous now I think about it but it's easy to do that catching up with friends isn't it?

The afternoon tea is relatively cheap at £20 per person and absolutely worth it for the experience; The staff were so lovely and not pretentious at all so we really enjoyed ourselves. Of course, if you do want to spend a bit more and take something home with you, the Easter eggs they sell are absolutely beautiful.

You can order them here, although I specifically requested the one in the photo below and so far there hasn't been any giant deliveries haha.



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