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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Tropical paradise in Hawaii

Good god, Hawaii is just the most picturesque place I've ever been. Let me show you some of what I've been up to!

First stop (after that massive fog-issue the other day) was Waimei Canyon and it was

Look at this uber cringe photo I made this poor couple take of me; bet they thought I was absolutely full of it...but yanoo I think you have to be a bit embarassing if you want to be a travel blogger haha and I've made peace with it.

Anyway back to the scenery - It just looks like another world doesn't it?! I really loved visiting the Canyon and can see why it's such a renoun place in Kauai. It's the place everyone told me was a must-see and I'm so glad I decided to go back after the other day. 

Pretty nice isn't it? The best thing for me about Hawaii is that everything on the sightseeing lisrd arennatural...and therefore free. It's a good situation, particularly since Hawaii is so expensive for everything else...

It actually reminded me so much of South Africa here (the Three Rondavels anyone?!); Apart from it was safer. 

The coolest thing was taking in the view and seeing the helicopters flying in the hills because I've just done that and it was pretty epic (can't wait to show you).

I know I'm banging out about this but I really felt so safe in Hawaii and that was so nice as a solo female was just great. I think this would be a great first stop on a gap year just to sort of get you in the mindset of being by yourself. Speaking of which...I'm going to be going on one soon. A bit out of the blue because I had planned to stay in my job for a long time but I've had a change of heart. So I hope you want to read about my travels a bit more because I'm just trying to fine-tune exactly where I want to go and in what order...then I will just get flexiflights so I can come and go as I please.

Sorry the tangeant - back to the tour and the next stop to show you is Kalulua Canyon...and I think it will remind you of something...

(Just going to take a moment of full appreciation for my octopus tripod here which meant I could take some blog pictures)

Do you remember watching Jurassic Park?

It was filmed here and I could see why straight away. All the vegetation makes it look pre-historic and really out of this world, it's definitely very different to any country I've ben to before. I am going to re-watch it as soon as I get home.

I was the only person at the viewpoint as well which I absolutely loved so I spent some time just relaxing in the sun and pinching myself thinking wow I'm finally here. Hawaii has just been on my bucketlust for ages so I'm really grateful I could visit.

Next stop was coffee because it was genuinely silly o'clock and I was absolutely knackered from waking up so early with jet-lag. I had no clue where to go but I passed the Kauai coffee plantation and I thought...yeah I bet that will sell something and I was right. Unfortunately my hazlenut latte came with a side of rain, but yanoo...that's life isn't it. I ended up arriving just as a free tour started and it ended up being really interesting...who would have thought it?! Coffee tours are definitely not my usual cup of tea (hehe). 

We had the friendliest tour guide who took us through the whole process of coffee planting and making and we finished just as the rain it was perfect timing really!

When the coffee beans are yellow - the beans are good to go. They take them off with a machine that harvests blueberries and then split the fruit into the bean.

These coffee beans are ready to be roasted. We were encouraged to try one but not two (because the coating of the bean is one of natures strongest laxatives haha). They tasted like crunchy fruity coffee - I don't really know how to describe it...but kind of nice? Haha! I think I definitely prefer the roasted kind!

I would definitely recommend going in for a trip, I just chanced it and it ended up being great coffee so yanoo, for an addict like me I loved it.

Next I headed to the waterfalls. They were beautiful but I didn't have time to do the walk to the bottom of them unfortunately. I love hiking but when I'm on my own I don't enjoy it in the same way. I know it sounds properly lame but I worry about falling or hurting myself and getting stuck on my own without anyone to help. Further proof that inside I am at least 79 years old haha. was time to hit the beach.

I went up just the road from Poioui beach park to avoid all the traffic and pulled up on my own little slice of paradise. 

To end my day I caught the free Hula show at the Coconut Marketplace. It was so good, you should definitely go. The dancers and musicians are the same ones who perform at the Mariott Hotel but since the girls are still students they do various free shows for donations and practice. In between the dancers the musician talked about the culture around the dancing and what the different performances meant i.e. to bring in fish, to celebrate the rains etc. It was so interesting. 

Then I turned in for the night, after catching sunset at my hostel.

The next morning I headed to spouting horn - where every time a wave comes a massive horn of water spouts through the air. It was pretty cool but my favourite bit was that it was completely overun with chickens...I can't get over them hahah.

That was all I had time for before my helicopter adventure, so I will have to show you that another day!


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