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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Easter happenings

Just a little catch up on what I've been up (spoiler: mainly eating and shopping haha. What can I say? It's a talent).

Kicking off with these babes - Chicken satay gyoza
So easy. I love making gyoza since I've been buying the wrappers because they're easy but look really impressive and like they have taken a lot more time than they have. Whenever I serve them people always seem really wow'ed which is pretty fun considering I literally just fill them and fry them haha. I made a basic peanut satay sauce and filled the gyoza with cooked chicken, chilli, leeks (basically just all my leftovers) and sliced spring onions. I topped them with the sauce and some coriander leaves. I also make a dipping sauce of soy sauce, honey, sesame oil, chilli and garlic that I have a lot with gyoza and it never fails. So simple but so delicious.

Macarons - salted caarmel, pistachio, peanut butter jelly, smore, pistachio and choc orange
I wouldn't even attempt to make macarons because I think they look more beautiful when surrounded by different colours and I could not be bothered to make so many different types! I do love eating them though. I got these from a local shop and loved the choc-orange but wasn't that keen on the others. They're quite expensive so you want them to be really amazing. A while ago ALDI did frozen ones and they were actually legit incredible so I hope they come back. I reckon you could definitely buy the ALDI ones and half dip them in chocolate, roll in nuts etc. to make them look really special...and like you've made them scratch mwhahaha. Anything for an easy life, eh?

Vegan raspberry ripple meringues
I made these from chickpea water. Insane isn't it? I heard about it online but like a lot of things I just thought....yeah...whatever there's no way I'm eating that haha. They actually were really nice though and didn't taste of chickpeas at all. I was properly shocked and really pleased because there's so few calories in comparison to a normal meringue. If you didn't say, no one would have any clue they were different to a regular one at all and they would be great in eton mess. Plus if you make them yourself you can add the pretty pastel colours. Next time I think I will try for a full rainbow. If you want to make them this is what I did:

First: Assemble the chickpeas! Put them to one side and keep the water. 1 tin is more than enough. I used 2 and I was unable to deal with the amount of meringue I made haha, I actually ended up gifting mine away. Mine had salted water and I thought it might make them gross but you couldn't tell at all. Next time I will try to get unsalted but that's just from a health-perspective. Nothing to do with the flavour.

The terrifying moment! Whip up the chickpea water with a tsp of cream of tartar until it forms peaks and stays in the bowl when you turn it upside down.

Add in the flavouring - I used vanilla and raspberry.

Drop food colouring (only 1 drop a time) round the piping bag to get these pretty little swirls and pipe on a baking sheet. I baked mine for ages on low - I think 90 minutes or something crazy. I was having to stay up late for them haha and I remember feeling so sleepy.

French connection
I'm not sure if I will be able to fit into these for much longer if I carry on eating all the above goodies haha but look at how pretty these skirts are. All in the sale so they were great value as they are all massively flattering on and I'm definitely going to wear the beautiful mineral pool skirt time and time again. I love french connection because everything is always so well made.

I've got the beautiful silver bodycon that I think will be perfect on one of those nights out when you don't really know how dressed up everyone else will be because it's less out there than a full dress but still really pretty. This mineral pools skirt that will be great for the office dressed down with a longline cardigan and black blouse but also great for a wedding coming up with a pretty camisole. It's b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l! Finally I got this classic black bodycon with a beautiful scalloped hem that's a steal at £30. I actually ended up ordering a second one just because it's so great when you find something practical and pretty.


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