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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Life lately

I thought I would start doing those life lately posts because I really enjoy reading everyone elses.

Mid-month I had a bit of a Warehouse shopping spree because my workwear had gone a bit drab. I picked up this great dress in the sale and I love it. Especially the sleeves because I can just waggle them around and distract people when I don't really know what I'm talking about. So far it seems to be working haha.

Speaking of work, this donut delivery made things a lot more palatable...although I was semi-sad because I am trying to lose (a tiny bit) of weight and seriously how is a person supposed to turn down a glittery donut? Who has that kind of willpower?!

I had a lot of work trips away just hanging out on my own in a hotel room thinking where did I go wrong in life? I don't know what it is about being away from home for extended periods but it really makes me feel sad. Not because I'm missing anyone but just because I'm on my own? I dunno.  I used to think getting to stay in hotels for work meant you were a really serious business person and I aspired to be that but in reality it just seems to be missed appointments, missed family and missed gym sessions so it makes me feel unhealthy and sad. The occassional night can be fun but even then I've found recently that I struggle to sleep in unfamiliar places so it can be difficult.

Then I did a bit of trip reminiscing of 'happier times' and adventures away. I planned some fun trips while I was holed up alone in hotels as a way to cheer myself up. This photo is one I took when flying over the US. I have no idea where it is at all but I just remember looking out and thinking 'wow'.

When I visited friends we went out for some beautiful sushi. It has to be one of the most instagram friendly foods because everything is just wrapped up in cute little packets.

Then I had some photogenic but a bit tasteless bean mochi and ice cream. I don't know why I even order Japanese desserts because I love bold flavours and find mild ones pretty dull...I need to stop wasting my money (and the calories) on mediocre meals.

Then I found my new favourite pudding in HaloTop. 320 calories per tub! I actually love that I can eat the whole tub without feeling like a whale the next day if I feel like it. It doesn't taste exactly like normal ice-cream but it is really similar. Peanut butter cup is good and then for other flavours I've been trying Breyers at 350 calories per tub and I genuinely can't taste the difference. I love mint choc chip and unless you looked at the ingredients you would have no idea it's not full-fat ice cream.

I had some time away going for walks in Scotland and seeing some family. I need to take proper pictures next time to show you because Scotland is a really beautiful place.

Before eating my weight in avo-toast. It's like a basic right for millenials isn't it hahah. I would legit be gutted if we ran out of avocados. When that cheesy wotsit *trump* was banging on about building a wall I was panicking like....but what about the avocados?

Then visited Liverpool and got a bit pissed seeing some friends before taking over the swings in this super-fun bar we stopped at that sells chocolate shots.

Judging by the quality I think you can tell our friend taking this had also had a couple of drinks before taking this haha. I'm actually pleased it's turned out blurry enough to share though! Had such a great weekend.


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