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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Visiting the Amalfi coast on the cheap

The amalfi coast...

She's a beauty isn't she.
The pretty pastel houses.
The beautiful sunsets.
The laid back way of life.
...The massively overpriced tours that mean people only go there if they're on honeymoon or loaded...but it doesn't have to be that way at all.

I've got friends who haven't been because they say it's too expensive. I think it's only expensive if you make it that way. I had an amazing trip there but because we flew in to a further away airport (Milan for £70 return), hired a car and stayed in B&B's it was actually very reasonable and we had a great time. Don't even bother with the coach trips or the prebooked tours - they are so expensive and you get none of the fun of driving on the crazy roads feeling terrified of the Italians...all part of the experience, eh?!

We spent about £250-ish each which I think is quite standard for the trips I tend to go on but especially good value for the Amalfi coast. We didn't scrimp but we found the B&B's were really high quality there so I felt that we had a better experience than if we stayed in one place. Hiring a car as well is one of my favourite things to do when I'm away because you just get to see and do so much more.

If you also want to go to the Amalfi coast on a Scarborough budget then this is what we did:
Flights using the links in my ultimate travel-hack guide
Car hire from this budget site

AirBnB and - We booked our accommodation 2 days before we stayed there each day and set a 1 hour max travel limit on the coast. We took the nicest roads we could by the coast and as we both like driving we enjoyed it. Since we were out of the main tourist traps we just got €10 pizza and we stayed in self-catering where we could so managed to get a grocery shop in and had beers on the balconies.

It was romantic and cheap. Perfect. We even managed to get a trip in to Pompeii on out way back which was amazing. It was a bit scary to be driving in a new place but a little bit of fear was so worth it to go somewhere so nice on such a small budget.

Hope this has given you some ideas!



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