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Friday, 27 January 2017



Since this is my very first post, I thought I would introduce myself...

I'm Jo, I live in Northern England and I absolutely love to travel. The problem is, I also love my job. So I'm trying to fit in as many trips as possible whilst also working full-time and I've set myself the small target of getting to 100 countries.

Travelling is a massive priority for me, but so is my career and I don't want to pick between them. There are a lot of travel blogs around, which I love reading, but they're usually by people on gap years, people who have just finished gap years or people who don't seem restricted by holiday leave at all. I love reading about them and wish I was in that position but my blog is a little different because I'm trying to cram in as much travel, adventures and wine as I can into limited annual leave.

It's also a nice way for me to keep a record of my trips and since I like photography it all links in quite well.

I figured there would be a lot of people in the same boat, so if that's you then welcome.



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