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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Exploring Prague: The ultimate city-break weekend

Prague is my new favourite city.

I went to Prague as country number 25. I'm trying to visit 100 countries whilst still working full time so I only really booked the trip to cross off another one but it really blew me away. It is so pretty and it has everything you could want in a city break: history, nightlife, beautiful architecture, friendly locals, great food, good weather and it's cheap. Every box was ticked.

I loved my whole trip here; the place is just amazing and I honestly could live here. My friend and I have this running joke that we only stay in honeymoon destinations; all stemming from a trip away where every sight we visited, every hotel we stayed at and every excursion we went on turned out to massively romantic. At one point we went to a restaurant some friends had recommended and, as luck would have it someone had just got married there and was sat having a meal in their dress. So really it was fate that Prague turned out to be really romantic haha.

We caught a late night flight and the first thing we did after dropping our bags was go for a riverside walk. The whole of the old town was lit up in the evening and reflected in the water. It looked beautiful. It was cold but fine to walk around in; I feel the cold quite badly but I felt ok and we walked about for hours just stopping every now and then for the really cheap beer before turning in for the night,

Ridiculously romantic, isn't it? Instead of the usual influx of pigeons in most cities, Prague has swans on the river haha - you couldn't make this stuff up!

In the morning we wandered down to the river; there are quite a few places in the town where you can get close to it. We headed into my favourite part of Prague next, the old town. The old town is home to the beautiful architecture Prague is known for and the best way to get there is over Charles bridge. The bridge is gothic-looking, built of dark stone and has imposing and ornately carved statues all the way across.

Charles Bridge by night...

and by day...

We walked everywhere and because all the historic buildings are close together it was fine. We did obviously have a lot of breaks though to try all the dishes. We had the national dish of fried cheese, fries and tartar sauce which is pretty much my new favourite dinner haha. I don't have any photos of it because it didn't look particularly pretty but trust me it's amazing. We tried the other native dishes as well: goulash, pastry cones piped full of cream and sweet sesame potato dumplings. I felt like a massive idiot taking a photo of this food so please enjoy this rare occasion, haha. (Travel blogging can be a little embarrassing and because I hate making a fuss I always feel so silly taking photos of food or myself)

After stuffing our faces there was so much left to see so we headed up to the palace. It even started snowing while we explored which made the city look even nicer.

The art gallery close to the palace was one of the most beautiful buildings I've seen, ever.

Of course not every part of Prague was wonderful. We came across some men pissing on the street right in front of us...which unnervingly are statues but every part of them moves haha.

Then ee headed back to the centre to see the incredible astronomical clock that Prague is so famous for. It's absolutely worth visiting Prague purely to see this. It is so intricately detailed and beautiful. The light was falling on it so it was shining bright gold and honestly, it was amazing. Incidentally if anyone knows where I can get a watch that looks like this then please let me know - I love it!

The local people we met were so friendly and kind towards us. Maybe it's because they are living in such a wonderful place that they wake up happier, who knows?! Prague is just fantastic.

If you haven't been yet, don't wait as long as I did - GO!


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