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Thursday, 23 February 2017

What to buy a traveller? The ULTIMATE gift list

Is your friend/family member/boyfriend/girlfriend going away on a trip and are you completely stuck on what to get them? Yep, happened to me too. It's difficult to walk that line between giving them something useful and taking up valuable backpack space - but I'm confident these gifts will be appreciated. You could just buy them for yourself though, no judgement. None of this is sponsored (although I do use skimlinks); these are just things I like and the photos are all from the website where the item is sold (because sadly I don't own them all yet and yes I am sad about my hammock-less-life).

Ultimate gift list:

A purifying water bottle for someone who gets ill easily or is really going to the middle of no where. These are amazing and I recommend them to everyone going away. I usually just drink the local water, providing it's safe but if you're only away for a short while or not sure about the water then why risk ruining some of the trip? Nobody wants to have to stay in the hostel feeling sick while everyone else is exploring some tropical waterfalls. The bottle has this filter in that removes bacteria, viruses and pathogens; read more about exactly what it does here. I think it would make a really thoughtful gift for someone.

A hidden pocket scarf for trips where you need to keep valuables extra secure. Of course wherever you go it's important to keep valuables concealed but this scarf goes that step further. I think this is a really good idea; especially if your friend is going to an area renown for petty theft. Scarves are really great for on the plane and for covering yourself up if you need to so I'd say definitely take one. You can get them here. If I ever make it to Brazil this is going to be the first thing I buy after my plane tickets haha.

A personalised passport wallet/travel tag. Obviously not essential but they are so fun and would make a very sweet gift. This one is cute but you can obviously get them on ebay for basically peanuts.

A travel wallet. So I'm not sure if anyone
finds these particularly useful because
I personally don't...but obviously I have
one because they look pretty and I am terrible with saving...swiftly
moving on...

Disaster designs/sass&bide/vintage-y
shops usually have nice ones like this,
or this.

I have this one. It's very pretty but I wish
I'd got the cactus one now. Mine doesn't have that many compartments and is slightly too big and not as long as I'd like so it's can be hard to fit travel tickets in without bending them.

A slightly more practical purchase could be a microfibre fold up towel. I know this is not the funnest.thing.ever but if they're going anywhere humid these are great. You can get one here.

After that boring suggestion I've got something so fun. A hammock! Not cheap but honestly wow these are so cool! You get to pick all your colours and clips (tree-friendly straps); plus the bag looks like a little moon. I think these are amazing. I'm just going to add one to my basket hehe. There's another ticket to the moon website and I'm not sure if it's the same site or not (I don't think it is) so I'm just going to link it here as well.

If you're broke and want to buy something cheap for someone; there's always travel plugs and extension cords. Not particularly exciting but at least you'll be giving them something useful.

For people who are island hopping or going to a few places it might be nicer to get them a gift when they get back. If that's the situation you're in then here are my suggestions:

A pin-map on a mini world so they can mark out all of the places they've been. This one is from here. I bought this for my sister at Christmas and it looks so cool.
Or, again in a similar vein what about one of those scratch maps of the world. They have the large sizes but also these small travel sized ones which could be really fun. I have one of these and I really like it.

If they collect all their tickets and keep their stubs then this would be really lovely. A box for them to stash everything!

They post all of the tickets through the little lettebox opening and I think it would make a lovely keepsake.

How about a giant pin map? I'm not going to link to a pre-made one because honestly, they are ridiculously expensive. I bought a large cork board online for about a fiver, a large map and hundreds of pins. All in all at least half the price, if not more, than buying one pre-done. So please please please just do it yourself and put the money you save into a flight fund!

Or if you fancy splashing out then this bar is the coolest thing ever. I'm not kidding when I say that all my family have one of these now haha.

I hope this helps you in some way because I am definitely going to be broke until payday now haha.



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