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Monday, 20 March 2017

DIY mothers day chocolate bark

These chocolate slabs are so easy and quick to make but look at how cute they are:

Thick dark chocolate slabs with a pinch of salt, edible gold dust, powdered blueberries, green tea powder topped with sugarcrafted ladybugs and bees. I made these as a gift for mothers day as I try to save money most of the time so I have more to travel with.

The green tea I really added for colour; I don't mind the flavour but I'm not crazy about it. The blueberry power is a different story, it tastes great and made the bark look really pretty.

If you'd like to make these, then melt 3 large 150-200g bars of chocolate. I wanted to make hotel chocolat-like thick slabs so I used a lot and recommend you do the same! My mum likes dark chocolate and so do I but if you have a sweeter tooth then absolutely change it up for the type you prefer.

Of course you have to test the chocolate first before melting it.

If you want to add a pinch of salt for a savoury hit do it at this stage. Then thickly spread the mixture onto a cling-filmed baking tray.

Time for decorating! I sprinkled gold dust over the chocolate with my hands and ended up with the most extreme skin highlight so if you use gold glitter then be careful haha. I just looked like a little glazed doughnut afterwards haha so use with caution!

The matcha powder and blueberry powder I gently sprinkled over the chocolate to get a mix of different colours.

Then it was time to introduce some woodland creatures... their new home. Chocolate 'bark' definitely needs some critters and I rehomed these ones I found from ebay. I think they were around £2.99 for 12 and definitely made the DIY gift look a lot nicer.

And that's it! So easy.
Wait until it's almost set to begin cutting. I didn't want to break this up with my hands and end up with the bees and ladybirds teetering on the edges of pieces so I outlined the slabs at this stage, just to make them easier to snap later on;

Once set, break it up and it's done.

I bought gift bags off ebay so I could make it look a little prettier.
Et voila! DIY mothers day bark!


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