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Thursday, 23 March 2017

New York, New York

I finally made it to the city that never sleeps! I came on my own and although it would've been nice to see it with other people I still ended up having a great time.

I spent 5 days and 4 nights in New York which for me was enough time. On my own I tend to do a lot more sightseeing because I stop for quick-bites rather than sitting down for a meal and I don't tend to sleep late in the mornings. I think 5 days is enough time to see the main sights and it worked out perfectly then for me to go to Mardi Gras!

When I first got to NYC my jet lag was so awful; I was waking up at 3am and could not sleep at all. I eventually got up at 5.30 am because I was so bored and I just decided to make the most of it. I ended up heading to Times Square on a walk and it turned out the whole place was empty which was so strange because on all the photos I've seen of it it's always absolutely packed with people.

There was an art installation, 'We were strangers once too' and I felt I got to experience it all on my own which I loved. The idea is that the 33 different poles show bar codes representing the number of immigrants to NYC and when you stand in one particular spot they form a heart. I think it's brilliant and looked beautiful.

After a delicious breakfast and a healthy dose of caffeine (courtesy of my coffee and coffee-au-lait doughnut)...

...I headed to Grand Central Station. Again it was almost empty and I walked about soaking it all in. The roof is covered in astrological signs and there are some incredible chandeliers in there as well. I really enjoyed seeing a place I'd only ever experienced before on TV.

A little comparison for what the station looked like later on in the morning...

Perhaps jetlag isn't so awful after all.

After my mini sightseeing morning tour I relaxed for a while in the communal area of my hotel and had a look at the rooftop bar. I don't think I was missing out with all the fog!

It was like this every morning, dense fog and then a few short hours later...

Intense sunlight!

I took the sunway to Brooklyn bridge and walked to the halfway point taking in the incredible views. The skyline of the city is great to see and I would definitely recommend going for a walk here if you haven't already, I promise you wont regret it!

The Statue of Liberty was another must-see on my list. You can get the free ferry to Statten Island if you're not bothered about getting up close to the statue but I really wanted to see if so I headed to battery park to board the ferry to Liberty Island. Seeing the statue was great; I had tried to get Crown tickets but they had sold out months and months in advance so instead I went up to the pedestal. I'd recommend it, it was nice to make it more of a trip and the museum in the statue itself was really interesting.

The views on the ferry over and from Liberty Island were great so I had a lot of fun having a look at everything.

After the trip to Liberty Island I spent a few hours in the American Indian Museum and I would really recommend it. It was heartbreaking to read the accounts of people affected by colonisation and I think it's so important to remember their culture.

I also did a lot of general walking about and I saw some amazing street art:

I did go to central park as well but I didn't love if it I'm honest; I love being in the outdoors and it was all paths and dead grass - but maybe I was just unlucky with winter...

In terms of hotels:

I stayed in pod 39 hotel which I would recommend because it was the cheapest place I could find that wasn't a hostel but still has communal areas. I also stayed in Park Central which is right by Times Square and I'd recommend that as well. I actually preferred the pod rooms which are much lighter and modern but the location of Park Central was amazing. Genuinely minutes away from Times Sq.

And my final stop before I left?

To catch one last doughnut!


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