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Friday, 17 February 2017

No place like home

A short and sweet post today on home comforts.

I love travelling more than anything but coming back home is also a lovely feeling. I've been away this week with work so I thought I'd share my favourite things about coming home.

Food: The first thing I did when I came back from the US was have fish and chips with a gin and tonic; I'm pretty sure its the unofficial dinner of England and I love it because it's so nostalgic but mainly because of the chips haha. Trying world foods is one of my favourite things about travelling but it is so nice to reset with home comforts when I'm back; roasts, pasta dinners, anything cheesy - all the healthy things haha.

Bed: As lame as it sounds I properly miss my bed when I'm away. Coming back, getting into pyjamas and watching netflix in bed if just the best. I find travelling quite stressful and I hate how busy and hectic airports and train stations can be so it's so nice just to recoup at home. I'm one of those people that tries to fit everything in, burns the wick at both ends and then wonders why they're tired. I definitely need that time to relax and unwind. I've been loving the Santa Clarita diet on Netflix and also the BBC drama Clique; both really addictive so far. If you have recommendations let me know.

Friends & Family: Seeing my family and friends is so nice when I come back; I love being able to catch up on anything I've missed whilst away. One of my friends has just had her baby so I'm really looking forward to seeing her. It's a little scary when I think of people my age actively planning for babies but I am looking forward to seeing them.

Pampering: Being able to relax surrounded by things you like is a great feeling. Depending on how run down I'm feeling (if it's been a busy trip I usually feel pretty terrible) I like to sit and pamper myself. At the moment I'm trying out this hair-zapper-thingy that's supposed to stop hair from growing back so I'll let you know how it goes - it cost me a bloody fortune so I'm hoping for good results.

And of course; when the feeling wears off - what better time to plan for the next trip? I'm on my way to Russia very soon, then will be travelling around Scandinavia before a hot weekend break in Nice.



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