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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Ultimate Hangover-Cure Nachos

From my hangover to yours...

Cheesy nachos loaded with spicy beef, avocado salsa, cooling raita and hot tomato salsa...you can thank me later. Best served with a fizzy drink and an 'I don't want to do anything today' attitude.

I love the occasional night out but I feel so awful the next day that I don't drink very much very often. For big events though and birthdays I don't worry about the next day too much and for those times, the only thing that can help is food, and lots of it! Someone told me once that a hangover is because you borrowed tomorrows fun and now you have to pay it back...I can definitely second that.

If you are suffering too then you need these nachos in your life. To make them you need to cook the beef mince with diced garlic and season with salt and pepper. Then add one teaspoon of paprika, one of cayenne pepper and two of cumin. Once it's cooked through place it to the side while you prep your dips. This is a good time to get the grill hot, ready for the cheesy topping.

First up: cooling raita.
Dice cucumber and coriander. Throw into a bowl, add a pinch of salt and two large tablespoons of natural yoghurt. Mix it together and it's done!

Next up; tangy tomato salsa.
Dice two/three large toms, a green chilli and half a red onion. Combine it and add a shot of lime or lemon juice- done!

For the spicy avocado salsa; Dice a red chilli, the other half of the red onion, a fistful of coriander and two avocados.

 Mash it up a bit and it's ready.

Now to assemble; Line a baking tray and load the spicy beef mine into the centre - leave about a two inch gap all the way around for the nachos. Cover with as much cheese as you want and put it under the grill for a few minutes under it's bubbling and golden.

Then lay out the nachos around the mince, start spooning on the dips and that's it! I prefer not to cook the nachos because I tend to find that they get a little soggy and I hate that, but of course, do whatever you prefer. I know some people like to starve out hangovers but I just want to eat everything in sight so this is great for me.

 Until next time,



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