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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Exploring Washington DC

I stopped in Washington for a long weekend. I came to visit my friend rather than for sightseeing but I ended up really enjoying it and was surprised there was so much to do. The architecture was just incredible; If you are planning a trip to the US definitely pop to Washington for a few days, I had such a great time exploring.

I met my friend at uni and we are quite close so it was lovely to get to visit. Since she has had a few visitors before I got given a proper tour which I loved. We ended up doing a lot of sightseeing and cramming the weekend full but if you have longer than a weekend then there are a million and one museums that you should check out...including the famous Hirshhorn. The queues to get inside were absolutely unreal so we just enjoyed the sculptures outside, including this embarrassed looking rock that I thought was so cute. It looks a bit sheepish doesn't it? Haha.

Our tour started here...

...and finished here.

I especially loved this quote:

We walked between all the monuments in one giant loop, and I mean giant, my friend's fitbit tracked that we walked 10 miles. No wonder I was tired afterwards! I was mad at myself for not wearing my steps tracker on the one day I did so much, typical! There's always competitions on them going on at work and I don't bother to enter. Isn't it typical that the one day I would've won it would be the day I don't wear the steps tracker haha?

To recover from all the walking we ate our weight in brunch in the city before heading to Georgetown. Georgetown was really pretty and full of beautiful buildings and restaurants but I didn't take that many photos here which is a bit of a shame. I will just have to go back again some other time right?

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