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Monday, 24 April 2017

The winter palace in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is no nice, I can't even deal with how pretty it is. The highlight for me is definitely the winter palace. It's incredible.

There's fancy. Then there's this:

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I loved seeing the palace. It was built by an Empress who died before the building was complete. Catherine the Great moved in and began accumulating art for her personal gallery. She bought so many paintings that they had to build a separate building just to house them! I feel like I could relate with clothes if I wasn't broke haha.

Future Tsars continued to collect the paintings and the collection became the largest art gallery in Russia. The hermitage (that spare building) now connects to the palace creating these massive corridors filled with art. It reminds me a little of the Vatican, just everywhere you look there's amazing things. My one complaint is that there's just too much to take it all in, but I really enjoyed trying...it's very extra.

It's not just the paintings that are artwork; the entire building is covered with intricate gold details. From the ceilings...

...to the chandeliers...

...to the doors.

Before I came to Russia I read that if you spent a minute looking at each painting you would need to spend 11 years there. That doesn't include the rooms though, which are so lovely. I was taking so many pictures I am surprised I didn't get rsi from my shutter finger haha. 

The rooms are so lavishly decorated it's difficult to take in everything. One room houses a life-sized gold tree with a peacock but because that's so big the chandelier doesn't quite fit. Yes, you read that right; a lifesize gold tree and peacock. Naturally.

My favourite was the red room, with the library a close second. 

The palace is incredible. If this post wasn't enough to convince you to go then I will have to pull out my trump card - they also have cats in the palace. So cute! The museum dedicates a day every year to talk specifically about the cats of the palace and there's a floor where they get to run about freely.

If you haven't been, then go. I'm not a museum person but this is something else.

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