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Friday, 19 May 2017

Goodness Gracious, Liverpool

A great weekend in Liverpool.

Such a fun city with tons of secret bars, rooftop bars, museums, sights and shops - I absolutely loved it. I went with my boyfriend for a city break and I'd definitely recommended it for couples because there's so much to do. I used to live here and it honestly is one of my favourite places in the UK.

We spent a long weekend there and spent a lot of that time in the local bars catching up with friends. They were visiting from Sydney so it was good to catch up before I head over there to see them! After a quick wander around Albert docks, kick-off began with drinks at the Pumphouse.

Followed by a change of scene to Kazimier Gardens. This bar is great because you just walk through an archway on a regular street and you enter this amazing lit up, beautiful beer garden. I think it's so unique and fun (as well as having a great choice of beer on tap).

By this point we was pretty tipsy so we went for emergency burgers at Almost Famous then had a power nap (basically just a cooler way of saying we're feeling our age now isn't it?)

After the 'power' nap it was time for dinner...and more drinks. We met another group of friends and went to Bakshish to order everything. It's a Lebanese restaurant and I've never had this type of food before but it was delicious, colourful and seemed relatively healthy - although possibly not in the amount we had haha. I'm so bad for ordering loads off the menu - I just want to try it all! We ordered a lot of the smaller plates and dug in to share which is my favourite way to eat. You can find the menu here.

After that, it was time for something very different! A speakeasy bar called Berry & Rye.

I've been to a few 'secret' bars before but this was so exciting. You knock on a plain door and it opens to a blacked out curtain with a bouncer. When you say you have a reservation they sweep back the curtain revealing an amazingly themed bar; old school desks with compartments filled with handwritten notes, a menu disguised into old hard-back books and incredible drinks. We had such a great time reading through all the notes and catching up.

It's not that expensive at around 9 pounds for a cocktail - a pretty average price I think. Definitely worth it for the fun factor alone.

The next day after getting up early to fit some sightseeing in like actual troopers, our hangovers were getting the better of us. Flagging, we decided desperate times called for desperate measures and headed to an incredible rooftop bar called 'Goodness Gracious' for the hair of the dog 'cure'. The view helped...

It's in West Africa House, opposite the three graces and above 'oh me oh my'. A chilled glass of rose and a relaxing hour sat in the sun made me feel a lot better. Hair of the dog is one of the most unpleasant ways to get over a hangover and is so unhealthy - but it does work for me at least! Still I'd much rather feed the hangover to get through it, but oh well!

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After more sightseeing; the graces, the cathedral and Liverpool one, we headed for a coffee at The Quartet on Hope Street. It's so nice there; all the houses look like they're in Notting Hill and I would love to live in them.

In the evening I didn't think I could handle another night of drinking so we opted for something a little different; a late night stroll on the beach.

Anthony Gormley's Another Place exhibition has been at Crosby beach for years now and I really enjoyed it. A beautiful art installation set alongside a warm, pink sky.

A perfect way to end a wonderful trip.

Liverpool, I'll be back.



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