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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Brunch stack

As you all know by now, 1'm trying to lose a little bit of weight (to get my BMI down to its usual) and the struggle is real. It's been going okay but it is so difficult sometimes to make changes. Occasionally I'll make something that ticks all the boxes; delicious, nutritious and healthy. The problem I have is that healthy doesn't always equal low calories.

Long story short, I made this and it's super nice, good for you and isn't massively calorific. You can thank me later. This brunch stack is made of garlic mushrooms, spinach, toast, a runny yolk, pesto and feta and it is so delicious.

To make this, you will need:
-A handful of mushrooms (of choice- I used a combination of  Shiitake, Oyster and Eryngii because they were on offer in Morrisons but I usually use giant flat mushrooms and they work just as well)
-Brown seeded toast/Rye bread
-Mature cheddar (about a matchbox sized piece)
-1tbsp of pesto
-2cm square of feta
-A handful of spinach/rocket
-A few basil leaves
-1 tsp of garlic
-1 birds eye chilli

Start by preheating the grill. Then begin slicing the chilli and frying it with the garlic in a little olive oil until the garlic becomes golden.

Add the mushrooms and fry until soft.

Toast your bread, grate the cheese over the top and put under the grill until it melts.

Whilst the cheese-on-toast is grilling, place the garlic chilli mushrooms to the side and fry the egg in the pan until the whites are set.

Then it's time to assemble!
Lay the cheese-on-toast down first and begin creating your brunch stack - pile on a handful of salad, followed by the mushrooms and egg. Dot the pesto over the plate, rip your basil leaves over the top and finally crumble feta over the dish.




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