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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Exploring in Monaco


I just got back from sightseeing in Monaco; I'd never been before so was made up to be crossing another country off.
I basically spent my time walking about in the sunshine, eating almost obscene amounts of ice-cream and wishing I lived in all the flats. To be fair, those are essentially my go-to holiday activities but I love them for a reason. Let me show you why...

Those apartments and flats are almost offensively good looking. Can you imagine waking up to the views and people watching from those? One day I hope! While I was on my flat/house-hunting binge I even found some furniture that would be perfect...

....just kidding.

I'm so jealous of people that get to live in the sun, England is just not reliable enough, even in summer, to forward plan activities outside. For example, we had great sunshine for about a week and then today it has been 4 degrees and non-stop rain. I think summer might be over already (sob).
Holidays are great for being little windows into what life would be like if you had a balcony outside to eat breakfast on, people watch and live in the sun - I am so jealous. Eating a bowl of cereal sat on the sofa inside watching the rain on my window is just not the one.

I've gone on a bit of a tangent there so back to the sightseeing! We ended up wandering up through the winding (and very hilly) streets to the Palace. There are so many steps up and in the heat everything felt a bit difficult so I was so glad when we stopped for a drink before tackling them, I'd recommend you do the same. Having said that the views are so worth it.


The palace is set in a quite large square but behind it there are so many shops and stalls set out in a windy maze of coloured buildings. You can buy anything from hats to herbs to every flavour of icecream you can think of. Definitely worth a visit.

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If you're thinking of going for a trip; I'd recommend catching the train from Nice, or vice versa. It's easy and quick to get to, although the platforms are a little confusing at Monaco so double check before you get on the wrong one.

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