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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Exploring Monaco


While we were in Nice we decided to go and visit Monaco for the day because it;s so close and you can just hop on a train.

I thought it was really pretty but imagine how loaded you have to be to buy one of those apartments. I bet it's a great life though - I'm quite jealous of people that get to live in sunny countries. The UK is just a bit unreliable and the summer always feels like it last for about 2 weeks haha.

Back to the sightseeing - We headed up to the palace. It's really nice but there are lots of steps so yanoo...got to stop for icecreams just for health purposes haha. The views were worth it though.


The palace is set in a quite large square but behind it there are so many shops and stalls set out in a windy maze of coloured buildings. You can buy anything from hats to herbs to every flavour of icecream you can think of. Definitely worth a visit.

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If you're thinking of going for a trip; I'd recommend catching the train because it's cheaper to stay in Nice and it's easy and quick to get to, although the platforms are a little confusing at Monaco so double check before you get on the wrong one.

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