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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sundaze and last days in Nice

The last few days of a holiday are so bittersweet aren't they? I was having so much fun I really didn't want to leave.

We spent our last day walking by the beach as much as possible and soaking in as much of the sun as we could.

Before making out way into town to have a wander through the streets...

...and an ice-cream stop. I had a strawberry and pistachio flower - I'd love to be able to make my ice-creams look like this, just so pretty! To be honest I wasn't even mildly hungry at this point but it's a bit of a rule isn't it that on holiday you have to have icecream as one of your main meals every day?

We walked through the main town square which was full of colour and great to walk around. After a quick stop off we got slightly weirded out by those men on the poles ^^^ so headed down the streets to get away haha. I'm not sure what these statues are about but I've seen them in other cities too - if you have any idea please let me know.

We wandered through the streets finding hidden gems of beautiful buildings. We also discovered 'the gate' between the old and new town hidden away down a street and spent a few hours happily exploring the stalls and shops at both.

On our way back for our final beach loop (cue hysterical tears) we admired the architecture around each corner...

...and ate more ice cream (naturally).

The top row is Chocolate, vanilla, praline, nougat with stracciatella, creme caramel and pistachio on the bottom. I think that little Nutella pot in the stracciatella is the cutest; its just unfortunate for it that when it comes to Nutella, size does matter.

With piled high scoops we walked along the beach for one last time.

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Before saying goodbye to our beautiful apartment and toasting our final evening. 

Until next time Nice,



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