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Friday, 16 June 2017

Waking up in Nice

Waking up to the first morning in Nice was a complete reset. We rolled out of bed and opened the shutters to fantastic views...

First things first, It was time for a completely inappropriate but delicious breakfast of treats from the market, because if you can't have chocolate cake for breakfast on holiday then when can you?

Raspberry macaron, lemon meringue tart, chocolate-coffee cake, fruit tart, cream cake, vanilla slice, custard tart, caramel profiterole, apricot tart, raspberry cart, a pink and glittery profiterole and a cocoa covered chocolate slice...

In a nod to being healthy I started with the raspberry macaroon which we can overlook at breakfast because of the fruit, right? In my defence I also had some freshly pressed orange juice so maybe they cancelled each other out...possibly.

We spent the day lazing on the balcony, reading and catching up before having a walk on the beach and in the town. 

Before toasting to our fantastic day of doing absolutely nothing...

...and chatting on the balcony until well after sunset before rolling into bed to recover from such a tiring day.


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