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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wandering the markets of Nice

We woke up in Nice! After a lazy breakfast on the balcony we decided to take a stroll down to the marketplace.

We took our time and walked a round-about route so we could admire the beautiful buildings on the way. All the buildings are so photogenic and there are balconies everywhere; I'm so jealous to be living in a balcony-less house although I'm sure with the British weather I would only use it twice a year when the weather held out for once haha.

 We eventually arrived at the market to discover it was full of locals, which is always a great sign. While they collected their loaves, cheese and fruits for the day we wandered the stalls looking at the different trinkets and flowers for sale.

We drank and ate our way round the market because there were so many fresh juices, fruits and local dishes like Socca for sale and I'm so terrible at resisting food. There were so many stalls selling everything from cherries to soaps to oils making for a very colourful market but one stall in particular really caught my eye. It sold living pictures of moss and flowers that grow as you keep them; I thought they were beautiful and loved the concept but I wasn't sure how to get the pictures back home unfortunately...

Still, I was soon cheered-up by discovering a stall selling almonds in their shells. I've never seen them before so was tempted to buy them purely for the novelty until I felt the shell - slightly fuzzy but rock hard. They're sold de-shelled for a reason! 

As a lazy person, the idea of working for food put me off very quickly and I decided to buy some pastries instead...

...before exploring more of the marketplace..

I loved these stall selling multi-coloured teas and salts. It just looked so pretty, especially the raspberry salt. The salts had suggestions of the foods to eat with them so I will have to have a go at making them some time. I think having them all lined up in pots in the kitchen would be so beautiful.

 I stocked up on some essentials before we headed out to the beach to catch some vitamin sea.

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