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Saturday, 22 July 2017

12 things to watch right now

I was all set to write a post on summer reads then sit in the garden with a large glass of wine...then it started chucking it down. Not just a bit of rain but fully soak-to-the-bones rain so I thought I'd write a post from the comfort of my bed instead on the things you need to watch right now.

Love Island
I've only recently got into it but OMG it's just 'ticking all the boxes for me' at the moment haha. I actually pretended for ages at work that I didn't watch it because everyone thought it was so trashy...It is totally trashy but it's also really funny and addictive. I love it!
Watch: If you like Made in Chelsea/The Only Way is Essex/Trash TV

The Room
Widely known as the worst film ever made. The thing is..it's so bad it's hilarious. Watch with your friends, preferably playing the drinking game version and thank me forever. YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA has to be the best delivery of a line in any film full stop.

It's back! It's brilliant! Watch watch watch. I think I'm a bit in love with Daeny but who isn't?
Watch: Because there's nothing else like it.

Stranger Things
An oldie but a goodie. So addictive. I actually watched the whole series in one night and didn't get to bed until 5am. It was so worth it; I just had to know what happened.
Watch: With other people in the house. It's pretty jumpy so if you watch alone you might wee yourself in a panic #justsaying.

I'm not really sure how to describe this without making it sound terrible but let me go ahead and butcher it for you anyway haha. It's a period drama about a man coming back from war and is based on the books. I can't make it sound good but it's great, I'm hooked and I genuinely wait for it to be uploaded onto iplayer every Sunday night. Wow, I just read that back and that made me sound approx 6838 years old.
Watch: If you like Downton Abbey

Glamorous. Addictive. Gritty. It's PLT 2.0.
Watch: If you like pretty little liars/gossip girl but were annoyed at the ending after investing so much time in it.

The Handmaids Tale
Super-intense drama. Read the book, you wont be able to put it down. It's quite brutal so definitely not one to watch on your own late at night. I would also like not watch it if you are feeling sad because it will not make you feel better.
Watch: If you like the hunger games/dystopian type stuff

Married at first sight
Amazing trash TV about couples who get matched by a group of experts (psychologist, sexologist and someone else I can't remember the title of). Great to see how perfect on paper plays out in real life....(it usually doesn't).
Watch: If you like say yes to the dress, Don't tell the bride, RHOC etc.

Memoirs of a Geisha
Beautiful film with an amazing story line. A new fave.
Watch: If you like avatar, crouching tiger hidden dragon/Hero and/or have read the book

Planet Earth
Incredible scenes + David Attenborough
Watch: If you like Nature's Miracle Babies/cute things

Country music drama. Didn't know I liked country music until this programme started but it turns out I love it. Refreshing to watch something a little bit different where the characters lives aren't completely un-relatable 99% of the time.
Watch: If you need a new addictive series pronto.

Shameless US
I couldn't get into the British one but the US drama is so funny. You have to watch it.
Watch: For a drama with a bit of a laugh, if you liked Greenwing this is probably up your street.

Let me know your recommendations - I'm always on the look out,


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