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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Cocktails and art

At the weekend I met up with an old friend from my school days. We used to be really close but we'd lost touch over the last couple of years so it was great to be reunited and ended up feeling like no time had passed. We decided to have a long weekend catch up and ended up drinking (probably) the amount of cocktails we had missed out on in that time haha.

Before day-drinking the essential unbreakable rule is having a meal. We chose a little cafe for brunch (Marmadukes in Sheffield, FYI) and I tucked into eggs benedict with smoked salmon. It was delicious and I was very happy...until I saw my friends and boyfriends English breakfast come and then I was filled with food envy. I actually love having brunch here but they do always take ages to bring you anything so if you are properly starving I would swerve it. I usually have to sneak a bit of toast in the morning before I go otherwise it can be a bit frustrating..it is lovely though.

Anyway, after filling up we were ready for a liquid lunch. Beginning with fruity cocktails...

...followed by ones with popping candy...

...and espresso martinis to bring us back to life towards the end haha.

Can I just say that there was an offer on in this place so the number of drinks was completely justified and we did drink slowly over the whoollleeee day (at least that's what I tell myself) haha.

We stayed out til late hopping between the bars until curling up on the sofa and squinting really hard through our blurry eyes to watch a film.

The next day feeling sleepy we were herded into the car by my long-suffering boyfriend (haha) and headed to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to enjoy the heat wave. 

We wandered through the artwork walking a loop of the grounds. It's massive so you could go for a full day but I just don't have the patience, especially with a hangover.

We even bumped into some hairy locals on the way.

There were some really cool sculptures.

Fun fact: I once met someone whos job it was to cut the grass around the tentacles with a tiny pair of garden scissors haha.

Loved this Rhino as well..but with the great work there were some...unusual ones...

....anyone else feel the same? I don't really understand modern art. I feel like it's a bit like the Emperors new clothes where everyone pretends to understand because they're too embarrassed to say 'What is that?' haha

All in all, a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to do it again. Wishing you all as zen a week as this colourful cyclops.


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