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Friday, 28 July 2017

Exploring Gothenburg

So, as you know, my best friend Liz moved to Sweden and I was super sad but then I got to visit.

She lives in Gothenburg, which I probably wouldn't have visited if it wasn't to see her but I would've been missing out. It's a wonderful place and I had a great time. It's always lovely to visit friends living abroad because they know all the great places to go (and free accommodation!). It helps that her apartment was the most Hygge thing I've seen, serious pintrest goals.

I arrived pretty late and she's a night owl so we ended up having one recovery night before a night out. After a snooze we headed for some brunch. Sweden doesn't seem to do brunch in the way that we're used to in the UK; it's more grab a fish sandwich and some juice rather than the longer menu options we have here. Having said that, we were determined to persevere with our tradition and stuck out salmon sandwiches at silly o'clock; Luckily we love fish so it wasn't a grim start to the day haha.

Then we wandered around the city getting a feel for the place; it's quite small in the centre so I think its ideal for a weekend trip. If you have longer to spend then by all means spend it, there's a lot to do in Gothenburg but I think you could see the main sights in the weekend.

We walked round the buildings feeling tiny...

...before heading to a quite unexpected sight for the middle of a city. The public zoo! It's free which was great since Sweden as a whole is pretty expensive but it was also really good - I was expecting to see some bunnies and maybe a few goats but there were loads of animals - seals, ponies, deer and this lady Elk.

We walked through the whole park and were completely famished at the end so headed for some swedish meatballs and a large glass of wine at SMAKA; it was great. I'm going to have to create them when I get back - they were so delicious. I'm not sure about the 'bath' of lingonberry sauce but at least it looked pretty haha.

We had a great time catching up. Isn't it funny how you can not see someone for ages but then when you meet up it's like no time has passed at all? I had such a nice time.


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