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Monday, 12 February 2018

Pancake day: banana, bacon and chocolate drizzle

Not to sound basic or anything...but I love brunch. The whole process of taking my time in the morning, having a lie-in, eating about two peoples worth of food, drinking coffee and having a natter is great. It's really the only time aside from special occasions when it's socially acceptable to drink first thing in the morning and I can just really get on board with that haha.

Since its pancake day on Tuesday these are definitely what you need in your life. For those of you who don't know what pancake day is it's basically a tradition on shrove Tuesday to clear out your cupboards by making pancakes. It began as a religious thing but lots of people now are just there for the pancakes,

You can definitely go out for these but it is so much cheaper to do it at home. I would love to afford brunch all the time but when flights to Portugal in September are £60 return and brunch is £20...I just can't really justify it. After I've paid for my house, bills and put money into my savings there's not much left for the rest of the month. Since I travel quite a lot I have to make sacrifices on things like meals out to be able to afford to keep going away.

I think if you make an effort it can be just as nice to eat in as eat out. There's the added bonus of not having to change out of your pyjamas as well which is just a wonderful situation haha.

I made candied bacon pancakes with caramelised banana and Banana pancakes with chocolate drizzle. They look really impressive but are so easy. All you need to do is get up early and put a pot of coffee on. Heat sugar until it becomes a caramel colour and add sliced banana. Mix it a bit and once the bananas are coated, put them to the side and cook the bacon in the same pan so it becomes candied. Just be careful because melted sugar is ridiculous hot and can burn you badly.

Then make the pancakes (flour, milk and an egg whisked until smooth - so simple) and spoon the mixture around the bacon.

When they are cooked through put them on a hot plate and cook the banana pancakes (again a super easy process - just press some banana into the pancake as they cook. It genuinely couldn't be easier). 

Before melting chocolate with coconut oil to create a chocolate drizzle.

Serve the coffee, pancakes and candied banana and enjoy,



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