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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Quintessentially British - Norfolk: photodiary

Pour yourself a cup of tea/glass of wine depending on your inclination and come with me on a little trip to Norfolk. It's a very picture heavy blog post today so it might be better to have a large one haha.

I visited Norfolk for the first time on a work trip and loved it. It's fun to be a tourist in your home country sometimes and I think this would be such a great place to visit if you were coming to England for the first time and wanted to get a feel for what ye olde English town is like. I thought Norfolk was quaint, especially with all the thatched roofs - maybe it means I'm getting old now since roof-appreciation did not used to be my thing haha.

The streets were really pretty. It felt like it would be a lovely place to stay to get some time away from it all. The type of place you would go to for several months to live on your own in a cottage by the sea to be a writer or something.  It was just lovely. The weather was perfect as well; sunny all day so in the evening the air was warm. 

I actually really like my house but this trip just made me give it some serious side-eye when I came back. I never particularly fancied window boxes but now I just want loads of them, just like this place:

Or just a bit of greenery like this ivy covered house. 

Whats ridiculous is this wasn't a one off super fancy street; all the houses were this good looking. Thatched cottages next pastel coloured houses next to houses that looked like big cream boxes...bloody show-offs the lot of them haha.

I fell in love with this place...

...before deciding that I would want to live in this one as well...

White washed walls? Check
Monochrome features? Check
Thatched roof? Check
Flowers everywhere? Check Check Check

I also enjoyed this pastel dream house with the giant anchor outside. It's the type of thing that if I put outside my house it would get stolen, no matter how heavy it was haha.

You could tell it was a really nice area because the whole place was just covered in flowers, not just in people's gardens but on the streets and there wasn't any litter anywhere. It was just really bloody lovely.

If you fancy a visit, I stayed in Winterton-on-sea.  I would really recommend it because: 
a) check out the roof terrace at my hotel & 
b) the view from my room in the morning was the best.



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  2. I don't remember Norfolk looking this pretty when I visited my grandparents! It's an instagrammers dream! 🌸🌸🌸
    Jaz xoxo

    1. Honestly when I was walking around I thought the exact same thing haha! It was so pretty - I'd never been before and I'm kicking myself now about writing off UK trips. I need to make more of an effort really xx


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