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Thursday, 27 July 2017

What to do if you lose ALL of your holiday pictures

So yesterday was pretty terrible; I accidentally deleted all of my holiday photos. I know in the grand scheme of things this is such a small tiny first world problem to have but I did feel gutted. I love looking back at photos of the places I've visited and I keep my favourite pictures in a big album for when I'm old and grey. Also since I've started travel blogging keeping photos has become more important since now they're going on here so yanoo, all in all, it wasn't the best day ever.

I'm just going to explain how this happened, since it does sound stupid to delete the things you want to keep. I was sorting through the photos on my SD card to get rid of the ones I already had backed-up or had on the blog (by this point I had thousands so it was getting a bit out of hand). I inserted my SD card to my computer to do this because it's much easier than trying to delete every picture one by one on my camera. On my SD card some of my holiday photos didn't show up and I didn't initially realise, so when I was deleting my files they weren't there. I had deleted almost all of my files when I realised I hadn't seen any from Sweden. I think the SD card must've had a fault for the photos to have not shown up and by deleting so many photographs at once they must've also got deleted. When I realised I hadn't seen them I looked in my recycle folder but the files I wanted weren't there. I also put my SD card back in my camera with some blind faith they might show up but none of them did.


I was miffed because I had a few photos of my trip on my phone but not many and the quality is not the same at all to my canon where you can really see all the detail.

I was panic-googling and found a way to get the photos back. I tried 3 different recovery software programmes. Essentially they let you see the photos that the software can recover for you, then you have to pay for the software if you want to get them back. It was £30 which I didn't love, but I'm just so glad to have my photos that it was definitely worth it for me personally. I also found a lot of photos I'd forgotten about from a long time ago which was nice.

I tried Recuva but it didn't find any files for me so that was a bust. Then I tried Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery which found loads of photos but as luck would have it...not the ones I wanted. I was losing hope until I used RescuePRO which took aggeessss to search for my files but found them all. I read that Cropfruit was good and it seemed really easy to use but the free download link to complete the initial photo scan wasn't working...so I couldn't give that one a go.

I like to edit photos on my tablet using VSCO and Photoshop Express so I tried to re-upload the rescued files to my SD card and transfer them over. This did not work which is my only bugbear with the RescuePRO software just because it made me panic that it had gone wrong when I saw the screen come up full of big question marks where there should have been photos. It had worked, the photos just would not transfer back on to the SD card they only stayed on the recovery file that had been created on my computer. 

I'm just so relieved to have my photos back and I would definitely recommend the recovery software for anyone in the same position. One thing to note though is that you shouldn't use your memory card in your camera until you've tried to get your photos back or you can end up writing over them. The recovery software also found photos from years ago that I had forgotten about which was lovely so I was really impressed.


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