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Friday, 11 August 2017

3 tasty low-cal snacks

You might be surprised to hear I'm on a bit of diet (haha, who are we kidding I feel like it's all I talk about at the moment). It's going okay-ish but I am definitely guilty of hoovering up calorific snacks without even thinking about it. Genuinely, I can eat a full family size packet of biscuits in one sittingl It's a talent haha. I've been using an app (Lifesum) that predicts calories which has been helping a little as well by making me more aware of what I'm eating through the day.

I've got some favourite healthier snacks now that I love and they're so much better for you then reaching for the Dairy Milk... I hope you like them too.

1) Banana Splits

So simple I don't really think I need to explain these but here goes anyway...slice the bananas, cover in pb and top with chopped nuts/fruit or chocolate shavings. So delicious and surprisingly filling; perfect for weekdays when you want something more exciting than a bowl of cereal.

2) Chocolate raisin clusters

Okay so these aren't healthy but they are my guilty pleasure so I hand make them to cut out all the mystery ingredients and processed weirdness...I melted dark chocolate, mixed the raisins and laid them out in clusters on cling film.

3) PB & Banana popcorn slices

Another tasty breakfast; cover the popcorn slices in peanut butter and top with banana slices and chocolate chips.

Have a great weekend; I've got a busy week coming up and then a trip to Barcelona. Can't wait to show you guys.


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