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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Things to replace your crippling GOT Addiction

Yes, I'm there too and it's terrible. I actually tried to write an email to Rob.Stark at my workplace today and realised I had forgotten the persons surname...whoops.

Desperate times call for desperate measures so I suggest you make yourself some loaded-nachos and start watching these to tackle the withdrawal symptoms...

1) Stranger Things - The new season is coming in October so if you get into it now you'll just finish in time for the new release. A dark, spooky series that I was so addicted to I watched the whole season in one night. As soon as you start watching, you'll know exactly what I mean. Definitely one to watch.

2) Narcos - So addictive and there's a new season out tomorrow!!! A take-on Pablo Escobar and his infamous drug business.

3) Deathnote - I haven't watched the series as I couldn't find it on Netflix but they do have a film on there and it's pretty bloody good. It's about a teenager who discovers the deathnote, a book belonging to a Death God where he can write anyone's name and they die...he has big plans for making the world a better place but things go massively wrong.

4) GBBO - It's back and with 2/3rd's of a new presenting team but it's still wonderful. Maybe being British I'm being biased but it is a bit of a National treasure *heart eyes emojii*

5) How to Get Away With Murder - Amazingly addictive. Although I was disappointed to realise this is the first EVER TV show I've watched where a black female has been the lead and not just there to support the man or a white actress, hopefully the amazing performance of Viola Davies, who is one of my favourite actresses after this show, changes that.

6) Orange is the New Black - Nods all round, a great show based on a true story of a woman jailed for drug money smuggling in her youth. Crazy eyes will be one of your favourites I'm sure.

7) 13 Reasons Why - Not massively my cup of tea but everyone else seems to rave about it so hey, maybe you will too. I've had a bit of a dip in now and then and since GOT is over *uncontrollable sobs* I might be driven back.

8) DEXTER - Absolute bloody brilliant series that I would definitely recommend (just promise me you wont watch the last ever episode, kay?).

9) Shameless - Watch the US version it is so much funnier than the UK one. It's actually the first show where I properly 'got' US humour and it wasn't just slapstick. It's ironic, dark, gripping but also makes me cry with laughter.

10) Trainwreck - because I'm a bit in love with Amy Schumer. She's just so funny.

11) Poldark - Uber British Drama and it's amazing. A little bit like Downton Abbey on crack.

12) Modern Family - Good God I love this. So unbelievable funny. Another one where I was like...'wait...what...I like American humour now?' I LOVE IT and I can guarantee that you will too.

I hope this helps you in these difficult times...after all Winter is coming (but it's looking like 2019),




  1. Ah so many good shows on here! I'm loving GBBO too, so good! I've been watching Scandal lately and it's so good! x

    1. Ooh I've not watched scandal I will add to the list. Thanks, I'm genuinely always looking for new stuff on netflix x


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