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Monday, 28 August 2017

Why is my blog anonymous

I figured I owe you lovely readers a little bit of an explanation as to why this blog is anonymous...

*18 months later update- not anymore!*

When I first started blogging I was so set against having a blog with personal photos. I just couldn't see the point. My friends know what I'm up to and I used to be very private. I didn't see a benefit in putting myself out there and then having the inevitable hateful comments that come hand-in-hand with having a long term blog; If there were identifiable photos on here it would just make everything feel that bit more personal. So I've been just trying to avoid the whole thing for a while it was right fo me.

At the start I found blogging quite embarrassing and I didn't know if I would enjoy it so it was helpful for me to be a bit more private. Things have changed now as I know I really enjoy blogging and now that I'll be doing it long-term I'm not as bothered about keeping it a secret. Another big factor for me was the realisation it must be hard for you as a reader to relate to me if you don't know who I am. I'm in my twenties but for all you know I could be an ancient bearded man with a catfishing obsession; so yanoo, it's good to be a bit more open. Plus it also can't be terribly exciting looking at photos of the back of someone's head all the time and it's a nightmare for me too since I hate my hair from the back haha. 1st world problems and that eh?    

So I'm saying that I wont be anonymous forever but I'm happy to stay that way for now.



  1. I think we all had similar feelings of embarrassment at the start so if you're feeling comfortable now, definitely take the step to stop being anonymous! xx


    1. Thanks, that's actually really reassuring to hear. I sort of felt everyone else was just swimming along and it was just me cringing out haha x

  2. I still find it quite embarrassing, which is weird because I love blogging so much. I still haven't told everyone I do it as I'm scared they will think my posts are cringey, but baby steps are important. Will be great to see you take the step as soon as you feel ready :)

    Lon x



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