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Monday, 11 September 2017

Edinburgh and an afternoon at The Witchery

Last weekend I went to Edinburgh on a short city-break; It's one of my favourite cities and I usually go to the fringe festival but this year I couldn't make it. My sister lives here and I love visiting.

The fringe festival is a month-long comedy festival with lots of cheap and free acts on at venues all over the city; the royal mile is the main street and is filled with street performers, people handing out flyers and tourists. It really is something to add to your travel list and one of the best things to experience in the UK if you haven't been; I'll be going next year for sure so I will show you then if you don't get the chance before. As it turns out visiting just after the festival is also great because nothing was anywhere near as busy as normal.

My sister lives close to the centre which is perfect for going out for a few drinks in the night. We headed to Rose street and Lebowskis (a bar that serves every type of White Russian cocktail you can think of and more besides). I've been out in Edinburgh a few times now and I prefer more casual bars but if you like things a little more fancy then Tiger-Lily's is definitely the one for you.

The next day we went sightseeing up the royal mile, up to the castle and down all the streets branching off it. 

Cockburn street is always a highlight (pronounced Co-burn...not the other way haha) because it's full of loads of weird and wonderful shops selling everything from scarves printed with the city to jewellery made of map-tiles/old cigar tins to magic wands (seriously, there's a harry potter shop now). Obviously you can buy tartan in every colour possible depending on your family/clan name. I'm quite unfortunate in that my family tartan is a bit unpleasant looking but there are tartans for regular wear and then a different one for hunting so hopefully the hunting one is a bit nicer haha. You can even pick up mini-fluffy haggis's toys. Either way make sure you try some haggis with Iron-Bru and some tablet. Tablet is one of my favourite things and I always buy it when I'm there - so delicious that I don't trust myself to make it because I would genuinely eat the whole lot haha.

We headed for a late lunch at The Witchery at the Castle. 

The Witchery is so so fancy; it's a hotel and genuinely I booked flights to Geneva and nice accommodation for 2 people for less than one night there. Having said that, the witchery is ridiculously nice and I would love love love to stay there one night. We went for lunch and had 3 courses with incredible service. 

The setting itself is worth paying for because the restaurant is really intricately decorated from the walls to the ceiling. We ate opposite a turret decorated with a witchy-style tapestry and ivy growing up it, even the doors were beautifully decorated with gold details. 

I loved seeing part of Edinburgh I haven't visited before and it was just such a beautiful place that even though it is expensive I think it's so reasonable for the experience as a whole. I started with baked smoked haddock rarebit, while my sister had the garden pea and dill veloutéwith Anster cheese scones. Neither photographed particularly well unfortunately but luckily the fish pie we both had for our main course did. 

For dessert I had the Vanilla crème brûlée but I shared half with my sister in exchange for half of her rich decadent Dark chocolate tart. 

The 3 courses with a glass of wine, soft drinks and sparkling water came to a total of 85 pounds for the two of us which I thought was great value for the amazing service, the quality of the food but mainly the experience of seeing the witchery. It's not pretentious which I really loved, and if you are going to Edinburgh on a special weekend definitely go here for food and if you can afford it then definitely stay here. I've got it on my bucket list so maybe one day haha! It felt like we were in Harry Potter.

After our meal we walked (very slowly) down to Scotts monument and rode the ferris wheel. It was such a lovely ending to a great weekend.


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