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Friday, 8 September 2017


At the moment freak-shakes are all the rage but I'm more into freak-cakes. They are piled high with treats and massively OTT but they look so good.

I made an easter one a while ago but more recently this absolute beast of a cake for my sister's partners birthday. Ferrero rocher, nutella, lindt, kinder bueno, pink glitter, gold glitter, terry's chocolate orange, after eights and white chocolate stars...

I cheated and used a cake mix because yanoo..I did this last minute and it would've taken even longer to bake everything. These freak-cakes are so ridiculously easy and they look amazing, all you need to do it pile everything on and then move around with the speed of a hungover sloth so nothing falls off. It is exactly like playing that game bucking bronco HAHA.

Mini-posts this week as I've been doing lots of travelling recently but there's some longer ones on the way so see you then.


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