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Saturday, 16 September 2017

India: The Travel Archives - Jaipur aka The Pink City

I'm dipping back into the travel archives since exactly one year ago I was backpacking around India. I loved visiting Japiur, also known as the pink city.

We hired a driver to take us on a golden triangle tour which I would recommend so long as you check the company on trip advisor before hand. I heard some bad stories about bags being stolen and extra fees being applied like tolls or drivers food/entrance fees after paying for the trip - luckily we had nothing like that and our driver was great. The first time we went through a toll I was a little on-edge waiting to see if he would try to charge us. I was so relieved that he didn't because we drove through about 5643 tolls haha.

First stop was the City Palace and had we a great time; we barely got hassled at all which we loved. It also helped that it rained the night before so it was much cooler. Small mercies, eh?!

The city palace is a huge complex with the Chandra Mahal, Murabak Mahal and galleries full of textiles and weapons so it's a really interesting place to visit. Of course, like everywhere we went visited in India it was amazingly decorated, even the gateway to go in was beautiful and the attention to detail was almost unreal - even the doorways were better looking than most buildings in the UK.

After a few hours at the city palace, we headed to the observatory which I would say is an absolute must see on the basis that it is like no other place on earth. Completely surreal.

It is full of curved marble structures, a little like enormous sundials covered in hundreds of miniscule markings. Each mark represents the date, the time of the sunrise, the time of the day etc. The whole was almost empty which I couldn't understand because this place was amazing- there were buildings and structures for every star sign and giant white marble balls in-laid into the ground covered in etchings. 

It was absolute insane, the amount of detail and the time it would have taken to create a place like that. Definitely a must see if you are in Jaipur.

The next day we headed to the Amber Palace. The fort is inlaid into the hill so there were incredible views as we walked up...there were also lots of goats haha! The palace used to be the home of the Raja's and there was so much to see; From quarters leading to terraces to rooms with turkish baths, an area for private audiences, a large raised garden and my favourite bit - the ladies area. The ladies area could fit 350 mistresses and 12 wives so yanoo, just a few gals haha; If it had just a bit more room he could've had a new girl for every day of the year so I think he missed a trick there haha.

We got asked to take so many photos with people but because people were asking nicely it didn't feel weird and it was just really lovely. We ended up taking a lot of photos holding peoples babies which was bit funny but made for a memorable trip.

Next up...the Taj Mahal and the city of Agra, see you then




  1. How interesting! One day I'd like to explore India, it's such a fascinating place. Can't wait for your next one!


    1. Thank you :) It's definitely one of those for the bucket-list,



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